The Best Paintbrushes To Improve Your Decorating Jobs!

Using the best paintbrushes for the right job makes all the difference to the quality of your DIY project. But, finding a good brush can be hard if you do not know what you’re looking for.

Paintbrush Examples
Paintbrush Examples

With so many brands and styles to choose from, many DIY enthusiasts will just buy the cheapest paintbrush and hope for the best.

Cheaper paintbrushes are made with nylon so the bristles are thick and will leave streaks especially if your using gloss paint or a high sheen emulsion paint.

A Good Paintbrush Should?

Fine Paintbrush Example
Fine Paintbrush Example

The best paintbrushes should offer super fine bristles so you do not see streaks when painting a finish layer. You should also make sure your brush is:

  1. Easy to clean for future use
  2. Angled for tidy edges (cutting-in)
  3. Stainless steel cover (no rust)
  4. Wooden handle for comfort
  5. Bristles must be flexible

Mass Produced Nylon Bristles

It pays to use a quality brush with fine bristles when it comes to a finishing coat.

This also applies when you are cutting-in your ceilings and skirting boards, there are some tools for this task but they are never 100%.

The best way to get a good finish is to practise and use the right paintbrush for the job.

You are never going to a be able to get a neat line between paints if you’re using a thick nylon-bristled paintbrush.

The Best Paintbrushes

This section reveals the best paintbrushes brands I have been using for many years.

They should be looked after and kept clean when finished, always clean oil-based paints with thinner and water-based paints with soap/degreaser.

All brushes are compatable with:

  1. Gloss
  2. Satinwood
  3. Emulsion
  4. Varnish
  5. Eggshell
  6. Undercoat
  7. Oil-based
  8. Water-based

Harris Platinum Set (Best Choice)

The Harris Platinum Paintbrushes
The Harris Platinum Paintbrushes

Harris is a big paintbrush supplier and has produced some of the best paintbrushes in the UK.

Their paintbrush line offers very thin bristles for a good finish on all types of paints.

They can be used for neat lines and a smooth finish without any bristle marks due to “super-fine” pointed bristles.

This set is the best option for DIY around the home. They come in sets of five with 1″,1/2″ & 2″ sizes, so you will have a brush for any task around the home!

Product details

  • Brand: Harris
  • Type: Thin bristles
  • Suitable for: Wood, metal and plaster
  • Quantity: x5
  • Pricing: £18-21

Check Price on Amazon

Emitever Paint Brushes

The Emitever Paintbrushes
The Emitever Paintbrushes

Emitever is not a well-known paintbrush brand, but they have produced a set of paintbrushes that make cutting-in much easier.

Their brushes are made with a slight angle to help you position your brush when cutting-in tidy paint lines.

You receive a mixture of 1″ and 2″ paintbrushes that will cover a wide range of surfaces professionally and easily.

With sharp bristles offering a smooth finish every time no matter what type of paint you are applying.

Product details

  • Brand: Emitever
  • Type: Thin angled bristles
  • Suitable for: Wood, metal and plaster
  • Quantity: x5
  • Pricing: £16-19

Check Price on Amazon

Mixing Paintbrushes

To avoid contamination we would advise you against mixing paintbrushes between emulsion, varnish and gloss paints.

It’s best to keep a single brush for gloss and another for emulsion and so on, this is because oil and water-based paints will not mix.

So, if you have been varnishing and decide to gloss with the same brush then you might experience separating gloss or end up with an off-white streaky finish.

Varnish and gloss will also degrade the bristles the more you use it, so when you come to cutting-in emulsion paint on the walls you will find that the finish is not as sharp.

How To Clean A Paintbrush?

Cleaning your paintbrushes after every use is the best way to keep your paintbrushes in the best condition.

If you leave your brushes to dry after using oil-based paints then they are fit for the bin because they will never hold and apply paint the same.

To keep your brushes in the best condition:

  1. Clean oil-based paints with thinner
  2. Water-based paints should be cleaned with a degreaser
  3. Once clean wrap loosely with an elastic band
  4. Wrapping your wet brushes will keep the shape
  5. Wrap with newspaper if being used the next day
  6. Leave out to air dry and store on a flat surface


A good paintbrush will make all the difference when decorating at home. Using pound shop paintbrushes will not produce results you can be proud of.

Their bristles are too thick and will leave streaks that will be noticeable when dry.

Investing in a set of the best paintbrushes will give your DIY decorating a good crisp finish you can be proud of time and time again!

Just make sure you clean and dry your brushes straight after use ready for your next DIY job.

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