What Are The Best Patio Cleaners For Sandstone, Stone and Cement Patio Slabs?

A patio is one of the most used areas of the garden and can deteriorate very quickly! When it comes to keeping your patio free of moss, algae and grime, then you will need to use the best patio cleaners.

The Best! Patio Cleaners & Sealers
The Best! Patio Cleaners & Sealers

Cheaper patio and pathway cleaners will cause pitting and discolour your patio and pathways because they have a high volume of acid that will corrode.

Only The Best Will Do!

The winter months and early spring are the worst time for patios because of the lack of sun. In this patio cleaning guide, we will be revealing the best patio cleaners that are strong, effective and will not discolour or pit your patio slabs.

If you have a new patio that’s recently laid, then you will want to go to the bottom half of this article for the best patio sealers.

If your patio is old and needs to be cleaned, then we have some excellent options for all types of patios from concrete, stone and sandstone.

*Please note: You cannot use patio cleaners on decking boards. For more about restoring old decking boards, then read our guide to restoring decking boards

When To Use A Patio Cleaner?

If your patio has become green in places and looks worse for wear, then you should use an acid-based patio cleaner.

Many of the patio cleaners currently on the market containing cleaning solutions such as bleach and detergents, which will only discolour and pit your patio slabs.

Best Acid For Cleaning Patios

Another agent proven to remove grime and other noticeable ageing marks from patios and bricks is Hydrochloric Acid.

If you are searching for a decent block and patio cleaning solution, then it must contain this type of acid.

Anything else will not work, and you will be scrubbing for hours with not much of an improvement.

When To Use A Patio Sealer?

Once you have successfully cleaned your patio, you must seal it against the elements. Once your patios sealed, it will be much harder for moss and stains to grip the brick, sandstone or cement.

It also protects it from BBQ grease, discolouring and various stains. A sealed patio will:

  1. Keeps the colour of the sandstone fresh
  2. Protect it from oil, bird dropping, algae and moss
  3. Keep it waterproof and moisture out

What Are The Best Patio Cleaners?

These patio cleaning brands list from best to average. The best products have been listed first with our second and third options still producing excellent results.

#1 Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner

Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner
Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner

The Pro-Kleen brand is well known and rated extremely high on many marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon!

You pour the mixture over the patio, scrub it and wait for 30 minutes for the combination to take effect.

When the 30 minutes is up, you give it a final scrub and hose the residue off!

  • Highly rated
  • Pour and wait 30 minutes
  • Can be used on all hard surfaces & walls!
  • Rating 5/5

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#2 “Bond-It” Brick & Patio Acid-based Cleaner

"Bond-It" Brick & Patio Acid-based Cleaner
“Bond-It” Brick & Patio Acid-based Cleaner

The Bond-it brand offers a vast library of products. But, what we are impressed with is their patio and brick cleaner.

The main ingredient is Hydrochloric Acid which stripes away any grime, grease and moss. It is straightforward to use; you apply to the affected area and leave for 30/45 minutes.

You will notice the grime and moss disappearing after a few minutes, but to be sure you have removed all the dirt we would suggest 45 minutes depending on how stained and discoloured your patio has become.

  • Hydrochloric Acid-based
  • Easily applied
  • Can be used on sandstone, brick, stone and cement!
  • Rating 5/5

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#3 Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget Patio Cleaner!
Wet & Forget Patio Cleaner

The Wet & Forget is a garden safe non-acid patio cleaner! It works right but needs a few applications to get the job done especially if your patio is severe.

You dilute this product with water, spray and then forget as advertised. If you want instant results, then this product might take a few days to achieve great results.

  • Removes moss, algae, lichens and mould
  • Toxic-free solution
  • Safe for plants and other shrubs
  • Rating 3/5

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The Best Patio Sealers

Patio sealers “MUST” only be used once you have cleaned your patio or your patio is newly laid. For new patios sealing it will enhance the durability and seal it against moisture.

Patio Sealers For Amazing Results!
Patio Sealers For Amazing Results!

A good patio sealer will keep your patio looking clean and fresh for many years.

Upkeep is minimal, and you will find that any dirt, algae or mould will lift with a stiff broom and some water.

Sealing a patio is key for longevity, it takes time and money to lay a patio, so keeping it in tip-top condition is a must.

If you have cleaned your patio and it is looking clean and free of algae and dirt you are ready to seal it.

#1 Everbuild EVBPAT5 405 Path & Patio Seal

Everbuild EVBPAT5 405
Everbuild EVBPAT5 405

After many years of testing different types of patio and brick sealers, Everbuild has done a great job with their cheap but very effective sealer.

It leaves a matt finish that protects from moisture, algae, dirt and grease.

As you apply this sealer, you will see it absorbed into the brick, cement and stone. It’s a milky solution that dries clear and lasts many years.

  • Seals all hard surfaces from the elements
  • Use a roller or soft brush to apply
  • Dries in 1 hour
  • Rating 5/5

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#2 Pro-Kleen Patio Seal

Pro-Kleen Patio Seal
Pro-Kleen Patio Seal

Another great choice we have found is Pro-Kleen’s patio seal. The brand is highly rated and protects against all elements such as sun, UV, algae and mould.

Once this is applied, you will get a matt sheen that will not change the colour or texture of the patio, but seal it against rain and moisture.

  • Can be used on ALL hard surfaces
  • Roller or soft brush to apply
  • Dries within 2 hours
  • Rating 4/5

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Tips When Cleaning & Sealing Yout Patio

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and sealing your patio. The chemicals are toxic in both cleaners and sealers, so be sure “NOT” to get any of this liquid on your shrubs and plants because it will kill them.

We have an option for users who want to use a non-toxic solution to cleaning your patio above.

  1. Wear protective clothing
  2. Never seal a dirty patio
  3. Always seal when the weather is dry and not raining
  4. Repair and cement or pointing before your seal

We want Your Patio Cleaning Feedback

Here at Wezaggle, we are always seeking recommendations and opinions on the products we have listed in this article.

If you would like to share a review or your own experience from using the patio cleaning products above, then use this form or the comment section below to post your feedback.

*Top Tip: Using a pressure washer will quickly clean any patio. We would recommend the Karcher K4 because it is sturdy, and the patio tool is unique and produces fantastic results.

Happy Patio Cleaning & Sealing 😉

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