The Best Wooden Garages For Security, Storage and Extra Space!

Wooden garages add extra security and peace of mind for people all over the UK. In this article, we reveal the best wooden garage from a wide variety of retailers.

Choosing The Perfect Wooden Garage
Choosing The Perfect Wooden Garage

Each supplier will plan, build and erect your wooden garage for one single price.

Best Wooden Garages – Recent Years

In recent years the take up of standalone wooden garages has stepped up in the UK.

It might be because new builds often neglect to include a space secure enough to store a vehicle along with all your garden tools and equipment.

Wooden Garages offer all of these, plus adds an attractive feature to your home, which will also add value to your property making the actual cost a lot less than you first thought.

A Wooden Garage Offers Security and Extra Space!
A Wooden Garage Offers Security and Extra Space

Today we are looking at some of the options available from UK retailers, the selections/prices include delivery and construction.

This means that you can be sure that the quality of the build will be high.

If you encounter any problems you have a reliable retailer based in the real world to fall back on if the need should arise.

Wooden Garage Sizing Guide
Wooden Garage Sizing Guide

Our top choices include three varying sizes designed to suit your home and the location of your new garage.

As with everything we review we have included the best option which we feel are the most hassle-free, therefore all of the selections below contains all the materials, delivery and even construction.

1) Large Wooden Garages (14″ x 17″)

17x14 Bradenham Wooden Garage
17×14 Bradenham Wooden Garage

Our first choice is best suited for larger spaces this 14” x 17” wooden garages or 4.19m x 5.09m and is 2.5m height.

The door opening is 2.45m making this product perfect for your average family car with plenty of space left to store garden tools & machinery.

Designed using 34mm Siberian FSC certified tongue and groove logs, it features double doors ideal for removing machinery, and to reduce draughts.

Plus, the side doors located on either side of the garden building which offers excellent flexibility.

This product also includes a pressure treated base frame, toughened safety glass for added security plus a reliable lock and key for security.

Added in you’ll find a 10-year anti-rot guarantee which applies as long as the proper care instructions adhere to.

You can find out more about this product from B&Q/DIY.COM if this model is of interest to you.

  • Area covered 4.19m x 5.09m
  • Full height 2.5m
  • Door opening: 2.45m

2) Timber Log Garage (13″ x 12″)

13x12 Wooden Garage
13×12 Wooden Garage

Next up we have our 13” x 12” timber garage (3.8m x 3.59m x 2.5m) this choice is better for smaller outdoor spaces and ideal for those with smaller cars or no need to store machinery too.

Again it’s a secure choice with locks and keys included in the price, and it’s also delivered and constructed by the supplier.

Designed from sturdy 35mm Siberian logs, it will provide a secure insulated space that keeps everything frost-free and dry.

Again this model includes a pressure treated base, toughened safety glass and double garage doors.

  • Area covered 3.8m x 3.59m
  • Full height 2.5m
  • Door opening: 2.45m

3) Timber Log Garage (13″ x 15″)

13x15 Wooden Garage
13×15 Wooden Garage

Our final choice for today is the 13ft x 15ft garden building (3.8m x 4.49m x 2.5m) Again the construction is sturdy, secure and safe plus the timbers sourced sustainably.

The draught seal systems included on both the side door and window frames protect the contents of your prefab garage from the weather and ensures a waterproof environment.

Overall the quality of construction is impressive we would highly recommend this product to our visitors.

  • Area covered 3.8m x 4.49m
  • Full height 2.5m
  • Door opening: 2.45m

So whether you are looking for the best wooden garages for sale, or need a bigger sheltered space outdoors to store all your gardening equipment.

We would highly suggest you give B&Q’s ever-expanding range a try, they deliver and erect the garage which is all covered in their prices.

Wooden Garage After-Care

Here are some tips for keeping your wooden garage in tip-top condition.

When your garage is delivered the panels, and timber structure will have a limited damp proofing already applied.

But, what you need to do is treat the timber to make it last the test of time.

Time and time again, we have experienced people spend money on a timber structure and not care for it correctly.

Always treat a new wooden garage, even if it looks to have been done at the manufacturers!

The Wezaggle Team!

After a few winters, you then discover that the panels have gone beyond repair and you have to start all over again.

Just like your shed, you “MUST” keep treating any timber structure with care and attention.

Apply treatment or use another shed paint that is colourful and lasts the test of time: Here are some of the best shed paints that work just as well on wooden garages.

  1. Prevent any dirt build-up by sweeping and cleaning your wooden garage once a month or as many times as you see necessary.
  2. Use a premium stain, oil or paint to keep damp out and prolong the life of your timber and wooden panels
  3. Visually check the roof for leaks and clean off any moss or dirt buildup as this can cause leaks if left unchecked
  4. Check for rising damp! Especially if your wooden garage is new, this is a typical problem after installation because of concrete bases not having the correct membrane instaled at ground level

Benefits of Wooden Garages

The benefits of having a wooden garage installed, such as the price! For under £6k you have a structure that is naturally insulated and will stand the test of time.

Building a concrete or brick garage would cost you upwards of £15/20k. Plus the noise and days of building work on your property. With a timber/wooden garage, it takes around two to three days from start to completion.

  1. Wooden garages are naturally insulated (less condensation)
  2. Adds value to the property upwards of £10k
  3. Wooden garages look much better than brick or block building
  4. All wooden garages use 100% renewable timber

Wooden Garage: FAQ’S

How long will my wooden garage last?

A wooden garage will last 40/50 years if kept in tip-top shape. Keep it clean, remove any debris off the roof and treat it once a year without fail! Always check for rising damp and leaks, if you discover any issue with rising damp or leaking seek an expert or rectify yourself ASAP.

Do I need planning permission for a wooden garage?

Planning permission is not (generally) not required for your wooden garage, but double-check with your local planning department if in doubt. There are a few rules for building a wooden garage without planning permission. It must not be higher than 2.5m, not a livable space and set back from the boundary of your property.

Will my wooden garage be treated already?

Yes, all wooden garages have a primary stain coating, which is not sufficient enough for winters in the UK. We always advise our readers to treat the structure yourself as think will prolong the life of your structure. A factory level dip in a staining vat is not enough to protect your timber structure against the elements!

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