The Garden Shed: How To Improve The Look And Way You Use Yours

Your garden shed is such a useful outbuilding to have. It provides you with an instant sheltered space to use in whatever way you please but most often, it is used for storage.

The Garden Shed - Examples
The Garden Shed – Examples

Statistics released when the BBC programme Shed Of The Year was particularly popular suggested that sheds alone are worth 5 billion pounds to the British economy!

Us Brits do love our garden sheds!

Find out 9 easy ways to improve how you use your shed, and how it looks. 

9 Tips To Improve Your Garden Shed

The problem is that without the right care and attention, and the right organisation, the garden shed can actually be a bit of an eyesore, and a useless one at that. 

Bad Examples Od Old Garden Sheds
Bad Examples Od Old Garden Sheds

With neglect it can become cluttered, dusty, leaky and ugly. 

1) Knock The Garden Shed Down

Quite extreme for a first tip, we know! But, it really is a good thing to do if your shed has well and truly kicked the bucket. 

If it’s mostly rotten right through, it has large holes in different walls or across the roof, or it was there when you moved in and you hate it, then get rid of it.

If it’s just a case of hating it then try and sell it or even offer it for free. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to come and do all the work of taking it down in exchange for taking the materials away.

You are then free to start fresh with a shed that works for you.

2) Declutter That Shed

If the shed is in good condition and you like it, then make it less of a headache and declutter the garden shed.

Remember how promising the shed felt when you first had it? All that space? The chances are if it’s so cluttered you avoid it, then it’s time to clear it out.

Separate items into those you need to keep, those you can sell and those that need disposing of.

After an afternoon of decluttering the chances are you’ll feel your shed has great potential.

3) Make The Shed Accessible

Sometimes the reason we don’t go to the shed is that it’s no longer accessible to us. Maybe a large shrub or tree has overgrown the entrance or the roof.

Maybe the path there is wonky or broken and it’s unsafe. 

Spend an afternoon securing the access to the shed again so that you can get to it and make use of it as you should be able to. 

  • Cut back weeds/bushes
  • Improve the walkway
  • Cut the grass
  • Cut back any trees

4) Utilize Innovative Storage

Often a shed has nothing inside but space, which may seem like a blessing, but it can hinder the way we store things.

Organize Your Garden Shed - Example
Organize Your Garden Shed – Example

By adding levels in the way of shelves and hanging storage, you can utilize the space much more efficiently. 

  • Add shelves large enough for storage boxes
  • Use old shelving units
  • Storage hanging nets
  • Attach a tool rack

5) Fix The Leaky Shed Roof

If the shed is leaky it’s useless because you can’t even store anything inside it. Fixing leaks makes it instantly more useful than it was before.

You can also use special varnishes and shed paints to help protect the wood from the weather, increasing how weather-resistant the wood is. 

 If you’re not particularly handy, this is the kind of job a local handyman is unlikely to charge much for because it will be so quick and easy for them. 

  • Repair the roof timbers or sterling board
  • Apply a new layer of felt for the roof
  • Fix the felt back with the frame with wooden batten

6) Add Electricity To Your Shed

In Winter the shed can be neglected because it gets dark so early, you might not be around to see it in the light.

If you know you could enjoy some hours in the evening repotting houseplants, reading or planning your next garden changes, it might be a good idea to add electricity to your shed.

This will also help you have a heater and even a kettle in the shed, making it much more comfortable. 

If you are not a qualified electrician then you should consult somebody qualified and avoid attempting to install electrics to your shed yourself. 

  • Add lighting inside and out
  • Add power points

Top Tip: Use an external extension cable for lighting and power for tools, kettle and charging ports

7) Make Your Shed Beautiful

Maybe your shed is a bit of an eyesore, so you avoid it. Sheds that haven’t had their wood treated in a while can look faded and pale, warped and cracked.

Why not treat it with wood oils or varnish, or maybe even some wood paint in an interesting colour. Beachside pastels are really attractive in a garden setting.

8) Repurpose Your Garden Shed

If you have no need for your shed to hold garden tools because you don’t have many, could it become a summerhouse instead? How about a garden office?

Having a small indoor space away from the house but within walking distance of your back door, could be so useful. 

9) Remove Items That Could Be Stored Elsewhere

Perhaps you would love to I use your shed for potting and even carpentry or crafts, but you can’t because it is storing seasonal items like camping gear or large garden furniture. 

You could consider some self storage if this is the case, just to store seasonal items that do not get used all year round and that you do not require immediate access to.

This is a particularly good idea for Christmas decorations and camping gear which take up a lot of space, but rarely get used.


Hopefully the tips above have helped you feel like your shed has plenty of usability in it yet.

With a lick of paint or some simple repairs and changes, it can become a really attractive and useful space again.

If you would do plan to varnish, oil or paint your shed and you want some product guidance, take a look at the paints section of our Wezaggle blog for reviews, tips and insights into the most popular brands. 

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