Detailed Review Of The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs By Bestway

If your looking for maximum size and comfort, then the Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa By Bestway is claimed to be your perfect companion!

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Review
The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Review

It’s spacious, comfortable and well, BIG.

This review of the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs version of hot tubs will be explaining why we decided to buy this model compared to the alternative brands sold on the market for 2020/2021.

With a sandy colour on the outside and brilliant white on the inside, the Palms Springs hot tubs look great in any garden!

No other hot tub provides this colour, so it’s unique and looks good in any garden, big or small.

Main Features Of Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa

Here are the main features of Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub:

1) Bigger Size And Capacity

With a massive 963 litres of water when filled to the safety mark, you will have much more water to cover yourself in lovely bubbles!

Measuring just under 2 meters when fully inflated at (196 centimetres).

2) Safety features

Once the lid is secured, it can only be released by the three-way clip system.

This helps avoid any accidents should any children try and open the top without being supervised by an adult.

3) Heating system

One of the things we like about the Lay-Z-Spa is the durability of their pumps and filters. You can set the max temp to 40°C which is relatively HOT.

Especially on those summer days; I usually set mine to 35/6, especially if the kids are going to be using it.

4) Filter system

One of the best on the market. It pumps over 1000 litres an hour so, after a party, afternoon activity or morning soak you can remove any debris very quickly, and it will be back to crystal clear again in no time.

5) Bestway Warranty

Yes, Lay–Z-Spa offer all brand new purchases a one year warranty, with Uk support centres to help you in case something goes wrong.

Or you experience a split seem, missing part or faulty pump! These issues have been reported on occasions.

Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa Review, Tips & Rating

If you’re interested in previous users opinion, then please scroll to the bottom of this Lay-Z-Spa Palm SPrings review to find other users feedback and testimonials.

If you want to know more about the technical details, size and basics of the Palm spring Lay-Z-Spa, then see below for details.

Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa Reviews

I think this Lay-Z-Spa is the better-looking version of the series because it’s unique and stands out. Perfect for a bigger family that comfortably fits four adults!

Maybe five small children.

Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa is the better model with more robust lining and a more durable three-layer PVC lining. It fits four adults five at a push but not ideal.

I found this model took longer to warm but was worth the wait because it was excellent when the pumps turned on.

Simple to manage and easy to empty, so, be careful with flooding the garden.

I found when leaving the bung at the bottom of the hot tub for five minutes and then closing it again for 5 minutes due to the amount of water that is released flooded my garden the first time around.”

Recent Customer Reviews

It’s been a little over 3 years since I purchased my Lay–Spa and I have found it to heat and pump just like new. It’s been in the garden all winter. It’s great for after a workout hot or cold.” David S.

Experience and Tips

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Basics
The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Basics
  • From cold fill, it can take up to 12 hours to reach its maximum of 40 °C
  • It costs on average £16 to initially warm and then £2 a week to keep it at top temperature
  • Filters should be changed or clean weekly, to keep them clean and safe
  • For the best water treatment, we found there was no difference from cheaper chlorine to more expensive brands

Our Rating

  1. Initial Setup & Installation: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 3/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Airjet Power 4/5

Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa Technical Details

It holds around 965 litres of water which is considerably more than other versions in this range excluding the Monaco range.

The Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa provides higher (10cm+) walls in the series, so you get a better position especially if you’re over 6 foot.

  • Easily blown-up with the machine provided taking approximately 3/4 minutes
  • Maximum Temputerur 40 °C x 12 hours cold
  • 120 air jets for the best massage experience in the range


  • More spacious model
  • Higher back + 10cm
  • Good Color (light brown)
  • Strong PVC lining
  • Comfortable and padded floor
  • The attachable lid and inflatable insert
  • Great for massaging effect x 120 jets


  • Initial £12 heating bill taking 9 hours from a cold fill
  • £4 a week after that to keep at the desired temperature
  • 3/4 hours to fill
  • NOT suitable for decking
  • Be careful of washing powder on your clothes because this can cause serious bubble/frothy issues

How To Setup Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa

The self-inflating and straightforward how-to guide come with every Spa. Always read the leaflet and make sure you clean the area the spa is going to cover.

Remove stones, pebbles, wood chips or anything that might puncture the inflatable spa.

Always use a flat surface and never overfill because once four adults get inside the water will overflow very fast.

Add the chlorine in the floater provided and use test strips if needed.

It can take around 15 to 24 hours to reach maximum temperature and 3 to 4 hours of filling depending on the water pressure in your local area.

Here Is The How-to Guide From Bestway the makers of the Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa


We love to hear from our readers and encourage you to submit your reviews of the Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa because it helps others decide which hot tub is right for their family.

9 thoughts on “Detailed Review Of The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs By Bestway”

  1. Amazing product with many years of enjoyment. Yes, they will not last forever especially with kids jumping all over the place. I have replaced the filter/motor twice because it stopped working (5 years). Customer support is great and they are happy to replace or sell you a single part if needed. The cheaper models I have seen cannot live up to the quality of the these bubble spas1

  2. Great product, we have had the Palm Springs setup since the last year and have been using it throughout! Well impressed and big enough for all the kids. We love our spa. Although it is extremely hot when set to max! Well worth the money, just keep the filter clean because it can block up in a few days of constant use!

  3. Great product that was easy to set up, but I did experience some fading after a year of sitting in the garden. The ring around the top is also very easy to pop. I tried repairing with the kit provided but it was not strong enough and had to use one from my puncture repair kit. Well worth the money but be careful of popping, remove rings and any jewelry as these will tear the rubber!

    • Good points to make, we have a dog that loves to look over the ring! We realised that this was so thin and popped after a few weeks! So we have had to repair a few punctures now. Maybe this section should be made stronger!

  4. 2 years warranty apparently, not 12 months. A lot of people reporting failures before or just after 12 months on other review sites.

  5. It’s a good hot tub but you need some basic DIY skills. I have had mine for three years and have had to replace several internal o rings. The water return valve on the tub and the pump impeller. Support from Bestway is awful. The pumps are expensive so you need to be able to fix them yourself as they do develop several faults


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