The Best Fence Paint and Stains For Year-Round Protection!

Not just any fence paint or stain will do! You need to be using the best fence paint for longer-lasting fence panels and accessories. For your fence panels to last 20 years you must repair and re-paint once a year, this has been proven over and over again to prolong the life of your fence.

Keeping moisture out and prevent the elements from rotting from the inside will dramatically improve the appearance and stability!

Do Not Put Off Painting Your Fence!

No matter how long you keep putting off the fence painting job, it will need to be done before the winter months draw in! Here at Wezaggle, we know that painting your fence can become a soul-destroying task especially if you have more than 5 panels to prep, stain and stain again for that perfect look!

The Ultimate Fence Paints & Stains!
The Ultimate Fence Paints & Stains!

Painting your fence panels with the best fence paint is key to prolonging the life of your fence. We have fence panels that are over 15 years old and still looking great!

It goes to show that using the best fence paint is key to keeping costs down while having decent fence panels free of rot, distortion, mould or splits!

Preparation of your fence panels

Preparing Your Fence Panels!
Preparing Your Fence Panels!

Preparing your fence panels for its stain is another must do-job before you start spraying or painting. By simply repairing any panels that have slipped or nailing trims will go a long way once you have finished.

You will want the structure of your panels, posts and trellis to be in top form when you stand back and appreciate the work carried out!

  1. Repair any slipped slats
  2. Nail trims or panels
  3. Clean any mould
  4. Scrape any loose paint or old stain

The Best Fence Paints!

Finally, here are the best fence paints to help your fencing survive the winter months and make your garden look superb! So, without further advice from us here are the ultimate fence paints for 2020/21

Cuprinol Ducksback + 7YR GUARANTEE!

Cuprinol Ducksback Fence & Sheds
Cuprinol Ducksback Fence & Sheds

This is the ultimate in fence paints, the Cuprinol Ducksback line is amazing because it is literally waterproof once dry! We have been using this brand for many years and always use it on our landscaping jobs because we are so confident the customer will be happy with the results. It can be painted or sprayed and will require two coats on untreated timber.

Cuprinol is a great brand that supplies the industry with many award-winning paint lines. The Ducksback has a 7-year guarantee and costs around £10-15 from selected DIY suppliers. What makes Ducksback from Cuprinol such a good fence paint in the added wax that when sets literally resemble the back of a duck. Once the stain is set you can pour a glass of water over the fence and you will see what we mean!

Sadolin Classic

Sadolin Shed & Fence
Sadolin Shed & Fence

The Sadolin all-weather barrier is a serious contender for the top spot because it is made similar to the Ducksback by Cuprinol. This fence stain also uses a wax-resin ingredient that makes it an excellent protector against moisture, rain and UV light. Sadolin specialises in wood treatments and produces many uniques lines of wax, oils and stains!

What we like about Sadolin is its quick drying times and the absorption rate, added with the many unique colours and its 5-year guarantee makes Sadolin fence stain one of the best! In general, you will only need to use one coat that can be sprayed or painted with a brush. Again if your fence panel, posts and accessories have not been treated then two coats might be needed!

  • No2 fence treatment in the UK
  • Costs: £11-16 for 5L
  • Dries in around 30 minutes
  • Enriched with wax
  • Non-drip and easy to apply
  • Should brushed but can be sprayed

Ronseal Fence Life Plus

Ronseal Fence Life Plus+
Ronseal Fence Life Plus+

The Ronseal fence life plus comes in at number 3 in our list of the ultimate fence paints. With a cheaper price tag, this Ronseal 9 litre tub will make any fence look great. Best sprayed but can also be brushed, this thin paint soaks deep and helps prevent frost, UV damage and moisture buildup. Using the Ronseal fen life plus is a great choice for both treated and intreated fence panels and accessories!

  • No2 fence treatment in the UK
  • Costs: £17 for 9L
  • Dries in around 60 minutes
  • Non-drip and easy to apply
  • Low odour
  • Should spray but the brush is fine

Before Care & Warnings

Before committing to painting the fence a few warnings need to adhere too. If your spraying or brushing you must protect pathways, lawns, plants and patios because they can be spoiled if you get any drips and splashes of these paints/stains. Because some of the fence paints above have wax added for better water protection once it dries it can b extremely hard to remove. So here are a few points to keeping mess to a minimum:

  1. Cover patios, lawns, plants with plastic/fabric sheeting
  2. Make sure you have all the tools available
  3. Brush any debris from the fence
  4. Clean any moss or algae with a hard brush and sandpaper
  5. Repair any loose slats and trimmings

Painting Fence Q&A

How many times a year should I paint my fence?

We advise our customers to paint their fences once a year before the winter months set in. Winter winds, rain and frost do the most damage to wooden fences!

Should I use fence stain or paint?

A fence stain is best because it soaks deep and protects better. Fence paint is generally more cosmetic, if you want to use a fence paint then the Cuprinol line is best and protects just as good as a stain!

How many coats should I use?

You should always apply two coats of stain and paint, if it’s a new fence then three coats will be required at times.

Brush, roller or spray when painting a fence?

We use both brushes a spray, start off with a spray and finish any misses with a brush. Never use a roller on fence panels because it will end up as a big mess!

Help Us Rate Fence Paints!

This list of the BEST fence paints is selected from our own experience, user feedback and the test of time! We take great care in presenting to you the best fence paints for the UK market.

We love hearing from our readers here on Wezaggle and would like to know your thoughts, experiences and reviews. So, if you have used a brand and would like to share it with our readers then pop in a comment below.

Happy Fence Painting 😉

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