7 Traeger Grill Problems & Solutions You Should Know

Traeger Grill Problems
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Traeger grills are some of the most phenomenal there is. They have premium features that are not easily found in other grills.

They use pellets that are automatically added to the fire pot by an auger motor. This way, you do not have to keep adding pellets manually.

The grills are also fitted with a fan that aids in air circulation to keep the pellets burning in the fire pot and to avoid wastage due to incomplete combustion.

In addition, the grill comes with a controller to run all its functions, especially the electronic temperature control, all to give you an enjoyable grilling experience!

Being electric powered, the grill has a self-diagnosis function that indicates error codes. These and other Traeger Grill problems are discussed in detail in this article.

List of Traeger Error Codes & How To Fix Them

Let’s take a look at common Taeger grill error codes:

1) HEr Traeger Error Code

This is the High-Temperature Error that occurs whenever your grill temperature rises above 550°F for a period of 45 seconds or more.

It may be caused by uneven burning of wood pellets or grease build-up. When this error occurs, the grill automatically turns the fan and the auger off.

After the temperature drops below 450°F, the auger will run for at least 2 minutes to allow the clearance of embers from the auger tube.

2) LEr Traeger Error Code

It is the Low-Temperature Error and it occurs when the grill temperature drops below 120°F for a continuous period of 10 minutes.

Most of the time, it occurs because the pellets are running low. This causes the grill to shut down eventually.

Adding more pellets to the hopper and restarting the grill clears this error code.

3) ERR Traeger Error Code

This error indicates a Bad Probe. It shows on the screen when a worn-out Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) probe is connected to the grill controller.

This probe is responsible for temperature regulation through the control of the fan and the auger functions. It is easily resolved by replacing the probe altogether.

4. ER1 Traeger Error Code

The error code is an indication of a loosely connected RTD probe/ temperature sensor.

It may be due to the loosening of some parts or the plug into the controller and it shows after 10 seconds of a loose connection.

To resolve this, simply unplug the probe and plug it in again. If the error is still on, tighten the probe parts and power the grill on again.

5. ER2 Traeger Error Code

The ER2 error code is probably the most cumbersome to deal with. It means that the grill has a short circuit or defective RTD Probe.

You must immediately power off the grill to avoid further damage.

Seek technical help to help with the repair including wire insulation to secure the connection.

In case it was caused by a weak connection, this will be corrected by the technician.

Traeger Grill Problems & Fixes

Traeger Error

1) Temperature Fluctuations

Traeger advises that when you set a specific temperature on your grill, you should expect a temperature fluctuation of 25°F above and below the set temperature. This happens throughout the grilling time.

It only becomes problematic when the fluctuations are too high or too low, beyond 25°F so to speak.

When there is a sustained high temperature that is beyond 550°F for 45 seconds or more, the error code HEr will be displayed. The fan and the auger will then automatically turn off.

On the other hand, when the grill temperature drops below 120°F for longer than 10 minutes the LEr error code will be displayed and the grill will eventually shut down.

How To Fix Temperature Fluctuations?

You should ensure the grill is shielded from extreme weather such as too much sun or too much cold/wind.

This will reduce the temperature fluctuations because the grill does not have to keep compensating for the prevailing conditions.

Ensure your Traeger pellets are well stored to avoid excess moisture concentration. Low-grade pellets are likely to produce more ash which may block the ventilation holes, making the temperature fluctuations worse.

Replace any corroded parts and clean the fire pot regularly to make sure the airflow is optimal.

2) Mitigated Fire

This is when the grill fire goes off/gets extinguished in the process of cooking. It may be caused by a faulty induction fan, blocked air ventilation due to ash build-up which is caused by low-quality pellets, or when the pellets run out in the grill hopper.

Sometimes, constant temperature fluctuations are the cause of the extinguished fire.

How To Fix Mitigated Fire?

Make sure you keep your grill clean to avoid build-up and excessive ash accumulation in the fire pot. This will also keep the ventilations open and enhance air circulation.

Further, ensure only high-quality pellets are used in the grill. This is optimal to avoid excessive ash. Check the hopper to see if it has enough pellets, and fill it up whenever necessary, to avoid having the fire go out.

Ensure the induction fan is not obstructed and in case there is any power issue, make sure it is resolved immediately.

3) Pellets Not Moving

This occurs when the pellets are not moving from the grill hopper to the fire pot. It removes the greatest advantage of the Traeger grill which is automatic pellet addition to keep the fire going. In the case of this problem, the fire will extinguish.

The part responsible for pellet movement is the grill auger which has power motors. Therefore, any issue that affects the auger will cause this issue. Auger obstruction, faulty motors, or lack of power connectivity are the main issues that may cause pellets to not move.

How To Fix Pellets Not Moving?

The best way to solve this issue is by ensuring the auger is in great working condition. To do this, clear any obstruction that may be preventing it from rotating, ensure any faulty parts are replaced immediately and check to make sure the auger is well powered.

As a preventative measure, do not use moist pellets because they are likely to jam the auger as they move from the hopper to the fire pot.

4) Fire Pot Not Flaming

When the fire pot is not flaming, the grill will not work at all because then, it has no source of heat. This problem may be caused by a faulty ignition rod or a faulty induction fan that may be preventing airflow in the fire pot.

Other causes of this issue include ash build-up that causes ventilation blockage, and a faulty auger leading to a non-supply of pellets to the fire pot. Additionally, wet pellets may fail to ignite effectively.

How To Fix Fire Pot Not Flaming?

To solve this fundamental issue, ensure the pellets used in the grill are dry and they meet the Traeger standards, all while keeping the grill clean and free of ash and other debris build-ups, for enhanced air circulation.

Maintain the auger and the induction fan in great condition and repair them as soon as they break down.

This will ensure that the pellets are supplied effectively and the airflow is optimum, respectively.

5) Grill Not Powering On

The grill requires a power source for it to run crucial functions such as the fan and the grill auger. Therefore, when the grill is not powering on, these functions will not run.

Some of the causes may be a faulty power outlet, a blown fuse, or a compromised connecting cable, leading to no communication between the power source and the grill.

Fix Grill Not Powering On

By correcting the fault in the power supply, you will have effectively gotten rid of this problem.

Make sure the grill is connected to a steady power supply when you intend to use it.

6) Idle Fan

This problem is caused by the fan not being able to spin effectively. It then affects other grill functions like the ignition of the fire pot or the wrong reading on the temperature regulation probe, which reduces the effectiveness of the grill.

It may be caused by physical obstruction of the fan due to debris build-up, or at times, it may be a lack of proper connectivity of the fan to the controller.

How To Fix Idle Fan?

It is easy to solve this issue because you only need to check the cause of the fault. Clean off the obstructing material if that is the cause.

In the case of a power connectivity problem, get it checked by a technician who will fix the fan and the grill controller.

7) Grill is Not Smoking

When the grill is not smoking, it may be due to high temperatures that cause the fan and the auger to turn off.

Sometimes, this is also due to the use of low-quality pellets that do not burn effectively or whose combustion is compromised by blockage of the ventilations.

How To Fix Grill is Not Smoking Problem?

Ensure the pellets used are of good quality: hardwood is preferable.

Cleaning the fire pot and the grill ventilation will also improve the combustion of the pellets.


In conclusion, you are bound to enjoy your grilling experience with the Traeger grills. However, in the event of a grill error, you will need to know how to effectively troubleshoot and get the grill working again.

To avoid many of the errors, it is paramount for you to use high-quality pellets, keep your grill clean and carry out regular maintenance on it. It is also helpful if you place the grill in a well-sheltered area to avoid environmental interference.