Transform Your Decking Into A Stunning Yoga Space With Our Easy Tips

Are you one of the thousands of people in the UK currently getting limber and toned with yoga? The NHS recommends it as a way to increase physical activity, strength, flexibility and balance. If you’ve ever utilised the free Yoga With Adriene videos on Youtube, you’ll know it can simply be a great way to get some ‘me time’ and in Adriene’s words ‘find what feels good’.

Outside Yoga & Decking
Outside Yoga & Decking

Do you have space at home to do yoga? You only need a space as big as a yoga mat, so there’s no need to have a dedicated yoga area. However, if you have space, a meditation/ yoga area can be a wonderful addition to your home.

Even better, if you want to enjoy the many benefits being in your very own piece of nature can bring, why not create a dedicated yoga space right in your own backyard?

Sadly, we can’t guarantee you the gorgeous sunshine you see in the picture above when it comes to doing outdoors yoga in the UK. However, we can definitely recommend al fresco downward dog and a refreshing sunrise vinyasa in the outdoor space we want to help you cultivate with our handy tips. 

Feeling inspired? Here are our top tips to help you get a stunning outdoor yoga space that you love:

Prepare The Decking Area

First things first, let’s not try and make pretty a run down space. A decking area is ideal for an outdoor yoga space, but you’ll want to make sure it is in good condition first. Yoga + old and degraded decking = splinters – ouch! Check out our guide on restoring old weathered decking boards to help you get the area looking great.

Whilst you’re transforming what’s underneath you, lets not forget the unforgiving British climate in regards to what goes above you during those sun salutations. You may want to set up shelter to protect you from any adverse weather that occurs during your practise.

Setting up decking shelter is not such a bad idea anyway if you want the family to enjoy cosy hot chocolates under blankets whilst it snows, or refreshing iced lemonade when we’re lucky enough for the weatherman to use the term ‘scorchio’ on the weather report.

Lastly, whilst we hope to encourage the use of plants in your space in a later tip, overgrown plants, sprouting weeds and thorny brambles are definitely not going to bring any zen to your new outdoor yoga area. 

Clear away old debris, leaves, overgrown plants, weeds and any other clutter from your decking to complete your yoga space preparation. 

Planning Your Outside Decking Space!

Prepare Your Outside Space
Prepare Your Outside Space

Now you’ve created a space outdoors to transform it is time to make a plan. Using doodles, lists and maybe the odd Pinterest board, you can plan out your new yoga space. Don’t forget to remember that the space is outdoors in the UK, so be practical in addition to being creative. 

Privacy is of particular importance if you don’t live in seclusion. Being overlooked is definitely not on anybody’s wishlist when it comes to practising yoga.

Shelter and some clever screens, plants and other solutions can work well to ensure you’re not being watched attempting to get into your first pigeon pose.

Take an indulgent afternoon to purchase what you need, and another afternoon to transform the space. Be realistic and start simple. A neutral base, with a few aesthetically pleasing additions on top of practical items will create a lovely starter space to cultivate on as you build your daily yoga regime. 

How To Inspire Your Outside Space?

Getting Inspired
Getting Inspired

We do want you to feel inspired and encouraged when it comes to creating a gorgeous outdoor yoga space. When it comes to outdoor decor and renovation we can all be a little more ‘out there’ than we are indoors. Here are some inspiring ideas to consider when you’re planning your outdoor yoga space:

  • Macrame – why not have a go yourself to create a gorgeous, simplistic homemade decoration to enhance your garden yoga retreat? This beginners video is a great intro to the art. 
  • Neutral colours – bright and aggressive colours are not ideal for a relaxing yoga space. Opt for neutral pastels and earthy tones for a calming feel. 
  • Plants – they clean the air, they help us feel connected to the earth, they look beautiful. Hanging plants like string of hearts and spider plants are particularly easy to care for. 
  • A blanket box – to protect your things further from UK weather consider a vintage blanket box in your yoga space. You can use this to lock away cushions, blankets, yoga bolsters, mats and straps and anything else you use to enhance your practise. 
  • Music  – if you have a smart home, perhaps you can integrate your outdoor yoga space too. With speakers you can put on relaxing music in the background for additional zen kudos and relaxed vibes. 
  • A water feature – a water feature is a popular addition to a yoga space. This is because water is known to connect us to the earth and the sound of running water is known to be therapeutic. 

In addition to inspiration from us, and the various accounts and folders you checkout online, it is also a great idea to be brave and adventurous yourself when it comes to your design.

How would you truly love your yoga space to look and feel? What are your top priorities for space? Get creative and experiment, you have nothing to lose, and potentially so much to gain. 

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day, is the rest we take between two breaths.” – Etsy Hittlesum

Hopefully our guide to creating a yoga space in your back garden has helped you feel inspired. Even if you don’t practise yoga regularly, a beautiful space outdoors to read, eat or simply spend time with the family is a great idea, particularly if your garden has been neglected of late. 

For more inspiration and guidance on getting your decking in great condition ready for your gorgeous yoga space, please checkout our great Wezaggle decking section. 


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