UPVC Cleaners That Makes Windows and Doors White Again!

Cleaning UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) windows and doors can be a tricky job especially if you do not have the correct cleaning materials or solutions! If you’re cleaning your UPVC windows and doors with an abrasive substance then you could be doing more harm than good in this situation.

UPVC Cleaners For The Best Results!
UPVC Cleaners For The Best Results!

When it comes to cleaning UPVC you need a strong but nonabrasive cleaner that removes dirt and grime but does not make the UPVC dull or scuffed! The cloth also needs to be smooth because if you’re using a scrub pad you will dull the plastic and remove the shine.

In this article, we will be sharing our thoughts and experiences when it comes to cleaning UPVC. We all know what UPVC is and also know it deteriorates and yellows over time especially if it receives high volumes of sunlight!

The No1 Cleaners For UPVC!

Featured below are our top pick UPVC cleaners, all are available in the UK and offers a serious solution to bringing back the colour of your windows and door frames with little fuss!

If your doors and windows have become yellow then these cleaners will make the white again, this can save money on new frames and great if you have moved into a property that has not been looked after!

But also remember that these cleaners are also great for:

  • Fascia and soffits
  • Conservatories
  • Frames
  • Drainpipes
  • Skylights
  • windows and doors

HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner

HG UPVC Cleaner
HG UPVC Cleaner

This solution is the ROLL-Royce of UPVC cleaners, it’s a solvent and strips grease, grime and will bring back the colour. It works on antique pine, mahogany and white. Just because your frames are not white does not mean they cannot be cleaned with a UPVC solution.

This is the first product we would reach for when cleaning conservatories, windows and doors. It has a strong smell so make sure you are outside when using this solution because the fumes might go to your head in an enclosed environment!

  • Works on all forms on UPVC
  • Solvent-based
  • Strong solution
  • All colours of UPVC
  • Pricing £10.99

Everbuild PVC1S PVCU Solvent Cleaner

Everbuild Solvent UPVC Cleaner
Everbuild Solvent UPVC Cleaner

Everbuild is a well-known name that produces many products for the building trade. Their solvent UPVC cleaner is our second choice but still packs a punch and produces excellent results. It can be used on all forms and UPVC products, but make sure you read the label and wear a mask and goggles when using this solution/solvent.

  • All forms of UPVC
  • Solvent-based solution
  • Strong solution/solvent
  • All UPVC colours
  • Pricing £7.39

Non-Solvent based UPVC Cleaners

If a solvent is too strong for you and you want to use a natural cleaner or just make your own homemade solution then in this section we will be listing some environmentally friendly UPVC cleaners.

  1. White vinegar 2 cups to one cup of water
  2. Washing up liquid and vinegar
  3. Lemmon juice and water

These ingredients readily available in your home will help with cleaning grease and grime from your UPVC. But, will not make them white again. for serious results and a brighter white then using the solvent-based cleaners are key for success.

Caution When Cleaning UPVC!

We have heard many stories and seen first-hand damage when people use the wrong cleaning solutions! Bleach is a definite no-no because it will YELLOW your UPVC.

Another big mistake would be to use an abrasive cleaner such a Cif, it dulls the shine and will ruin your frames! General upkeep is key for long-lasting and bright white frames, washing up liquid should be applied once a month for great results.

Have you got any UPVC cleaning suggestions?

We love to hear recommendations from our readers, if you happen to have a secret formula you regularly use that produces excellent results then we want to hear them. Use our contact form or use our comment section below!

Happy Cleaning 😉

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