Vitamix 5200 vs. 7500 – What’s the Difference?

Vitamix 5200 vs. 7500

There is no doubt that Vitamix makes some of the best performing blenders on the market. Their products are known for their high-quality construction, versatility, and efficiency.

But when it comes to choosing between some of their top products like the models 5200 and 7500, even highly experienced users tend to get confused.

The confusion stems from the fact that when looking at them at a glance, they look almost identical. However, the two blenders differ in several aspects from their motor power to other less important things like color options.

Here we provide a head-to-head showdown of the two blenders to help make their differences clear.

Vitamix 5200 Overview

Vitamix 5200

Photo: Vitamix

Vitamix 5200 is the older of the two blender models, and it has been tried and tested for a long time which means you can be confident that you will be buying a top product that many home users swear by.

This legendary blender model is the kind that even professional chefs train with as it has been on the market for quite a long time. The fact that it is still one of the best-selling Vitamix blenders is enough proof that many users still trust its services.

While it might not offer a motor that is as powerful as what you get on the Vitamix 7500, its motor is powerful enough to ensure fast and efficient blending, and it can chop down all kinds of foods in a few seconds.

Also, for the budget shoppers, this is a more affordable option as opting for it over the newer 7500 will save you lots of bucks. And this is even though the two work almost the same.

But, many users still complain that the relatively taller pitcher does not fit well under some kitchen cabinets. Noise is also a big issue with this blender as it can be super loud when blending.


  • Tried and tested blender model
  • Relatively affordable
  • More color choices


  • Can be quite loud
  • Significantly taller pitcher

Vitamix 7500 Overview

Vitamix 7500

Photo: Vitamix

Vitamix is always improving its products, and this is why many home cooks and professional chefs will not use any other blender brand. Better yet, their newer models like the 7500 always try to address the drawbacks and shortcomings of the previous ones.

While the Vitamix 7500 might not have been on the market for as long as the 5200, it is slowly attracting more and more fans. This is mostly thanks to a more powerful motor that enhances its overall performance.

Also, something that many users seem to like a lot about this blender is that it provides a significantly quieter operation when compared to the 5200 and many other blenders in its class out there.

Even other things like the controls will give you an easier time with this blender and hence making blending less of a hassle for you no matter what food you are dealing with.

With the relatively shorter pitcher on the 7500, this blender will fit under most cabinets with ease. Better yet, the pitcher will have a wider base which besides making the blender more stable also makes cleanup relatively easier.

But, despite being a more modern blender model, it is still not without blemish as some users find it a little too expensive given that there are no significant differences between this model and the cheaper 5200. Also, for those to whom their blender’s appearance matters, this one offers fewer color options.

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  • More powerful motor
  • Quieter operation
  • Larger and easier to operate speed knob


  • Relatively pricier
  • Limited color choices

Comparison Chart

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 7500

Motor Power

2.0 HP

2.2 HP

Blade Size



Pitcher Capacity

64 oz

64 oz


Variable speed

Variable speed, pulse function


Super loud

Significantly quieter

Color Options






Vitamix 5200 vs. Vitamix 7500

The fact that these are two of the best Vitamix blenders currently on the market should give you some confidence that you will end up with a top-quality and high-performing blender regardless of the model you choose. But, if you are to be sure you are making the right choice between the two, here are some key points to keep in mind.

1. Motor Power

The motor is the engine that drives the blender, and so it is its most crucial element since, without it, you would not be able to blend anything. Luckily, like many other Vitamix blenders, these two come with some highly powerful motors.

However, the model 7500 seems to have an edge here over 5200 because it comes with a more powerful 2.2 horsepower motor compared to the latter’s 2.0 horsepower motor.

While for typical blending tasks that involve regular foods the 0.2 horsepower difference might not be significant, for tasks that require a little more power, the 7500 will be the better tool for you.

Also, besides being more powerful, the Vitamix 5700 will include a more efficient cooling system to allow it to run much longer without overheating. Hence, the motor that you get on this drill is generally more efficient and better performing.

2. Blade Size

Both the 5200 and 7500 will use Vitamix’s hammermill stainless steel blades, and so you can be sure that you will be getting the best blades you can expect from a blender. These blades will not rust or corrode for the lifetime of the blender and will hence hardly ever need replacement.

However, the similarity between the blades on these blenders stops at the material since they will come in different sizes which affects their overall performance significantly.

The 5200 works with a shorter blade than what you get on the 7500. The blade will be 3-inches long and also sits at a relatively higher angle because the smaller pitcher width does not allow it to be located any lower.

With the 7500, you get an extra inch on the blade and thanks to the wider base design, the blade also sits a little lower, and this gives it slightly better chopping and blending power. Combine this with the more powerful motor, and you have a fantastic blender.

3. Pitcher Capacity

When it comes to the pitcher capacity, it is a tie here because both blenders will come with a 64-ounce pitcher which is larger than what you get on most others in their class.

However, the similarity between the pitchers will end at the capacity because they come in different designs. The Vitamix 5200 comes with a narrow and taller pitcher while the 7500 has a shorter and relatively wider one.

The pitcher on the 5200 is around 20.5 inches tall which comes with some drawbacks such as making the blender a little too tall to fit into some kitchen cabinets and also makes it a little unstable.

Vitamix 7500 addresses these issues by reducing the pitcher height by around 2.5 inches to allow it to fit most cabinets and also making the base wider to add some stability to the blender.

4. Controls

One thing that many people love a lot with Vitamix blenders is that they mostly come with simple controls that anyone can easily figure out. And this is also true for the Vitamix 5200 and 7500.

When looking at their controls for the first time, you may not notice any difference, but they are not entirely the same as there are a few distinctions when you look keenly.

Both blenders will have the variable speed control that allows you to choose between 10 different speed options, and of course the two toggle switches with one on the right and the other on the left side.

However, on the left toggle switch, the Vitamix 7500 will also include a pulse function something you will not get on the 5200. And while you can still use the pulse function on the 5200, for this blender, you will have to use the on/off switch.

Another difference when it comes to the controls is that the variable speed knob on the 7500 is significantly larger which is meant to make it easier to use.

5. Noise

It is almost impossible to find a blender that does not make any noise at all given their work mechanism, and so the best you can expect to get is something that makes as little noise as possible.

Here the model 7500 seems to have a significant edge as it has been built to be up to an impressive 40% quieter than the Vitamix 5200.

The manufacturer makes use of some noise-suppressing technology to ensure that the 7500 works with minimal noise while still maintaining the top-notch overall performance that makes the Vitamix blenders famous.

But, it is also worth keeping in mind that the quieter operation is only for convenience and does not improve the blender’s overall performance, and so if noise is not a concern to you, then this might not be an important consideration.

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6. Color Options

For many home cooks and other kitchen appliance users such as chefs, the appearance of their appliances is almost as important as their quality and overall performance. While color might not affect how the blender works, for some users, it might be the only reason why they pick one blender over the other.

Like it has become the norm with most of their products, Vitamix tries to cater to different kinds of users with their 5200 and 7500 blender models, and so they will make them in various colors.

However, the older 5200 model provides relatively more color options than the 7500 as you can get it in 5 options compared to the latter’s 3 color choices. You can get the Vitamix 5200 in black, white, red, platinum, and stainless steel while the model 7500 is only available black, white and red.

While still on the colors, the 7500 is a relatively newer model, and so for future model upgrades, the manufacturer might provide more color options.

7. Price

With both the Vitamix 5200 and 7500, what you end up paying for your blender will mostly depend on where you are buying, and also the color you choose because most brands have different prices for different colors.

Given that it is the newer of the two models and will come with a more powerful motor, it should be obvious that the 7500 will cost relatively more than what you would pay for the older model.

At the time of writing this piece, the Vitamix 7500 was over $100 more expensive than the Vitamix 5200 whether you are buying the same colors or not.


Anyone that knows enough about blenders will agree that you can never go wrong with Vitamix as the company makes some of the finest quality products on the market. Hence, you will still be good whether you choose the Vitamix 5200 or 7500.

The 7500 seems to address most of the shortcomings of the 5200, and so it comes out on top in most of the categories in our showdown above.

If you are willing to spend the extra bucks to get a more modern blender with a few upgraded features such as a separate pulse function and a more powerful motor, the Vitamix 7500 will be a good buy.

But, if these upgrades do not seem important to you and prefer something more affordable, you will be okay sticking with the tried and tested Vitamix 5200.