9 Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

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Water frogs, while not harmful, are unwelcome in any swimming pool. As a pool owner, you will need to keep them away from your pool, for a good swimming experience.

This article explains why you do not want to have frogs in your pool. It also discusses solutions on how to deter them from entering your pool.

Why You Don’t Want to Have Frogs in Your Pool

Water frogs are not known to cause any illnesses when they infest a pool. You will, however, need to keep them away from your pool because they are not only unsightly and a deterrent to swimmers, but they are unable to survive in a pool for long.

When frogs get in your pool, they will quickly try to find a way out of it because the chlorine in the pool water causes them irritation. This happens because, according to the Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation, their skins are highly permeable.

However, since the pool edges are steep, the frogs will suffer exhaustion and drown. Eventually, they start decaying. This may attract disease-causing microbes that may be harmful to swimmers. It also makes the pool unfavorable for swimming.

Additionally, frogs may introduce or encourage algae into your pool, especially if they are from a natural water body, for instance, a lake or pond. This poses a myriad of complications in pool maintenance.

Ways to Keep Frogs Out of Pool      

Why You Don’t Want to Have Frogs in Your Pool

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1. Use a Frog Log

There is a high possibility that when frogs get into your pool, they will be unable to hop out due to the slippery pool edges.

To avoid the scenario where they get exhausted from swimming and drown, you should use a frog log. It attaches to the pool edges and allows frogs to hop out with ease.

2. Turn the Lights Off

Pool lights and any lights around the pool attracts insects and other bugs. This consequently attracts frogs towards your pool because they prey on the insects.

Turning the lights off at night will reduce the chances of frogs getting into your pool.

3. Use a Pool Cover

A pool cover will not only keep dirt away but also prevents accidents. Additionally, it will keep frogs away from your pool.

To ensure its effectiveness, the cover should be secured in place with metal clips. This will prevent it from being dislodged.

The frogs will therefore just hop on its surface but will not enter your pool.

4. Install a Pool Fence

A solid pool fence that is at least inches 4 inches tall will keep frogs away from your pool. This is because they cannot hop very high.

5. Pull the Weeds

Make sure the area around the pool is clear of any vegetation by mowing the lawn, to ensure frogs do not use that as a habitat.

The weeds might also attract a lot of bugs and insects which will consequently attract frogs around your pool.

6. Heat the Water

Heated water has a lower concentration of free oxygen and frogs prefer cold water because its oxygen concentration is higher.

The colder water is favorable to them because they absorb oxygen through their skin.

Some ways you can heat your pool include using a pool heater or a solar cover, depending on your preference.

7. Deterrent Around the Pool

Poring salt, vinegar, or chlorine in the area around your pool works well to deter frogs from getting into the pool.

This works because the frogs’ skin and feet are permeable. The deterrents irritate frogs when they come into contact with their skin. The method works without harming the frogs.

8. Keep the Water Moving

Frogs prefer still water and can reproduce in it. Keep the pool water circulating to ensure they are not able to settle in your pool. They will find an exit and hopefully, a frog log will be handy.

You can easily achieve this by running the pool pump continuously or installing a water fountain.

Keeping water in motion also deters insects and bugs from settling on its surface. If you manage to keep the bugs away, the frogs will likely stay away too.

9. Create an Alternative Habitat

You do not need to get rid of frogs entirely. They are beneficial to the ecosystem because they eat bugs around your home. The goal is to keep them away from the pool.

Create a freshwater pond within your compound to act as their habitat. Keep the place well-lit at night to attract bugs and keep the frogs around. Allow a reasonable amount of vegetation to encourage this ecosystem.

The pond should have irregular edges, with gradual steps to allow them to get out. Additionally, maintain natural aquatic vegetation in the pond and avoid using chemicals around it because the frogs’ skin is highly permeable.


In conclusion, the best way to keep frogs away from your pool is by keeping bugs and insects away from it because they are the frogs’ source of food. You can achieve this by keeping the pool water moving, switching off lights in and around your pool, and pulling weeds and any other tall vegetation from around your pool.

To deter frogs from your pool, you should install a solid fence with no gaps, keep your pool heated and use a pool cover. You can also use a frog log to give frogs a way out in case they get into the pool. Additionally, create an alternative habitat for the frogs away from your pool.