Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 – Comparison & Differences

Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200

The Weber Q Series offers some of the best portable grills in the market. Two of the most popular models in the series are the Weber Q1000 and Q1200.

These grills look almost identical when looking at them side by side. What’s more, they have similar features and the same cooking area size.

But, there are still a few factors that set the two single burner grills apart. Here we highlight these factors as they will come in handy when picking between the two.

Weber Q1000 vs. Weber Q1200

1. Temperature Gauge

  • Built-In Thermometer for Easy Temperature Monitoring

The temperature gauge is the most evident difference between these two grills when looking at them side by side as you can see it on the lid. And for many grillers, this can make a significant difference.

Here the Weber Q1200 will include a built-in thermometer on the lid that helps make it easy to monitor the internal temperature as the food is cooking.

While the Weber Q1000 might not have a built-in thermometer, you can always use a separate one when cooking. However, the absence of one still gives the Q1200 a slight edge by making it more convenient.

2. Ignition

  • Push Button vs. Electronic Ignition

Weber Q1000 uses a push-button ignition system, which makes firing up quick and easy compared to traditional gas grills. The Q1200 takes things even a notch higher as it uses an even more efficient electric starter.

While the electric starter is simpler to use and more efficient than the push-button, it comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Key among them is that the starter needs batteries to work, making the Q1200 hard to fire up when the batteries drain out.

Hence, for the ignition system, both grills have their merits, and so it often boils down to the kind of ignition you prefer.

3. Side Shelves

  • Handy Folding Side Tables

Here, the Weber Q1200 is a clear winner because while it comes with two spacious side shelves for preparing food, the Q1000 will not include them.

What’s more, the side shelves or tables on this grill are easily foldable to ensure they will not come in your way when transporting. This feature can be convenient when grilling on the go as you might not always carry a table for food prep.

4. Grate Design

  • One Piece vs. 2 Piece Grates

While these grills will both use the high-quality porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, the design differs slightly. The Weber Q1200 uses a 2-piece grate design while the Q1000 has a one-piece grate.

The 2-piece grade design on the Q1200 makes it easier to have separate cooking zones as you can even replace one half with a small griddle to make the grill even more versatile.

But, the grates on both grills retain heat well and are easy to clean. Hence, choosing your preferences depends on your preferences or what you think works best for your barbecues.

5. Lid Design

  • Taller Lid Dome for Extra Room Inside

Weber Q1200 has a relatively taller dome when compared to the Q1000. The lid is around 2-inches more elevated than the latter, making it possible to cook larger roasts.

With the extra space, you can grill larger poultry or more substantial meat cuts with the Q1200, which can be quite convenient as you can cook more food at a go.

While the difference might not look like much since both still have 189 square inches of cooking area, a taller lid is always much better for barbecues.

6. Colors

  • More Color Choices to Suit Your Tastes

For many grillers, how a grill looks is almost as important as how it cooks. When it comes to appearance, both are practically identical in their shape and finish. However, the Q1200 has an edge in the colors, as it will give you more options.

While the Q1000 comes in white only, you can get the Q1200 in at least 6 different colors: white, blue, black, green, orange, and red. Hence, with the Q1200, you are more likely to get something that suits your tastes or matches the space you will be using it from.

7. Price

  • Fairly Priced Grills

If you are on the market for affordable portable grills that are still designed to cook well and offer almost the same functionality as the larger, more expensive ones, both Q1000 and Q1200 are fantastic options.

That said, the Q1200 costs a little more when compared to the Q1000.

But, depending on the Q1200 color you choose, the price difference will hardly be more than $50, which is not significant enough to influence their choice for some potential buyers.

Comparison Table

Weber Q1000

Weber Q1200

  • Requires an external temperature gauge
  • Push-button ignition
  • 1-piece grate design
  • Smaller dome size will not be very ideal for large roasts
  • Available in one color option
  • No side tables and hence you need to have a spate prep table
  • Integrated temperature gauge for extra convenience
  • Electronic ignition
  • 2-piece grate design
  • Taller dome accommodates larger roasts
  • Available in at least 6 lovely colors
  • Two folding side tables provide extra prep space


Given these grills share pretty much the same design and features, the choice between them mostly boils down to your specific preferences.

However, Weber Q1200 is generally a slightly better grill given the few extra features such as a built-in thermometer, taller dome, and of course, more color options. What’s more, it is the newer model of the two, which is why many grillers prefer it.

If all these extras do not make a difference for you and prefer something relatively more affordable that still provides the same cooking area, the Weber Q1000 should be perfect.