Weber Q1200 vs. Q2200 – Comparison & Differences

Weber Q1200 vs. Q2200

Any griller or homeowner on the market for the portable table-top gas grills will in many instances end up having to pick from different Weber products given that the company is the industry leader in the manufacture of these grill types.

Although Weber has several tabletop grill models available, in many instances, grillers will have to choose between their Q1200 and Q2200 as they are two of their most popular options.

The two grills are compact enough for portability and both cook incredibly well. And while one is supposed to be a sequel of the other, they still have many similarities which can make things confusing.

However, in this piece, we aim to make it easier for a griller to pick between the two by highlighting their few differences.

Weber Q1200 Overview

Weber Q1200
Photo: Weber

The Weber Q1200 is the older of the two models and one of the best-selling tabletop grills by Weber as many grillers seem to prefer the more compact and space-saving design and the fact that it is more affordable.

This little gas grill is fun and easy to use and highly reliable which makes it perfect for everyone including the first time grillers.

Despite the more affordable price tag, it is still a well-built grill just like the Q2200, and it will feature an aluminum housing and lid designed for long service life. With porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, you can always be confident of getting excellent heat retention when grilling.

For those that also like a grill that looks as good as it works, this will be a perfect option as it comes in a wide variety of color choices.

However, compared to the Q2200, this grill seems to fall a little short when it comes to the total cooking area that you will get and the heat output.


  • Small and space-saving design
  • Wider variety of color choices
  • More affordable


  • Smaller cooking area
  • Will not produce a lot of heat

Weber Q2200 Overview

Weber Q2200

Weber makes their Q2200 to give grillers more cooking space and with a higher heat output to go with it to ensure faster and even cooking.

While it is almost identical to the Q1200 when looking at them for the first time, many grillers will agree that it seems sturdier and more well-built which is an indication that it will last a long time.

Also, like the Q1200 it uses the porcelain-enameled cooking grates that deliver excellent heat retention to make grilling an easier and more satisfying job as you will always get well-cooked foods.

But, the extra grilling area and overall larger dimensions of the Q2200 make it heavier and relatively less portable when compared to the Q1200. And it will also be the pricier grill of the two.


  • Larger cooking area
  • Higher heat output
  • Feels sturdier and more well-built


  • Larger and relatively less portable
  • A little pricier

Weber Q1200 vs. Q2200 Comparison

With more similarities than differences, picking between the Q1200 and Q2200 can be a hectic task even for the seasoned grillers.

But, this is also good news as it means you will still have a great grill regardless of what you choose.

However, to ensure you make a more informed decision, here are some of their key differences.

1. Total Cooking Area

With any grill, the cooking area will always be one of the most crucial elements as it will determine the amount of food you can cook at a go.

And while both the Weber Q1200 and Q2200 are smaller tabletop grills, they still have some large enough cooking areas.

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However, the cooking area that you get with these grills is one of the key factors that set them apart as the Q2200 has a significantly larger cooking area.

Weber Q2200 has a total of 280 square inches of cooking area which is over 90 square inches larger than what the Q1200 delivers as it has a total of 189 square inches of cooking space.

The extra cooking space and the higher lid design mean that you can even cook a whole turkey on the Q2200 which is a fete that will be hard to achieve with the Q1200.

2. Heat Output

Besides having a larger cooking area, the Q2200 also provides a higher heat output to go with it so that grillers still get fast and even cooking.

With this grill, you get a total heat output 12,000 BTU per hour which is significantly high when compared to the 8,500 BTUs you get with the Q1200.

But, while a higher heat output is always more favorable, it is important to note that what matters is how much heat you get per square inch as it is what will determine the cooking efficiency.

For the heat output per square inch, Q1200 seems to have a slight edge of the larger Q2200 as it will provide about 45 BTUs for every square inch compared to the latter’s 42 BTUs per square inch, but the difference might not be very significant when it comes to actual cooking.

3. Overall Performance

The overall performance is more subjective because different people will look for different things in grills, and so what might work well for you might not be good enough for the next person.

But overall these two grills will cook nice and well enough. However, the larger cooking area and higher lid on the Q2200 means that it will perform much better for many grillers when they need to cook more food or larger meat cuts.

With that said, the Q1200 also seems to have a performance edge over the Q2200 when it comes to slow and indirect cooking as you can easily achieve a lower temperature setting something the latter might struggle a little attaining.

4. Dimensions

Since these grills are designed for tabletop use, they both come with more compact dimensions and some users might not even tell them apart using the size.

However, it should be obvious that the Q2200 will be the larger of the two given that it has a larger cooking area, and its dimensions are 26 inches high by 51.4 inches wide by 25.1 inches deep.

Q1200, the other hand, is a more compact grill as it will be 24.4 inches high, 40.9 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep. What this means is that the Q1200 will be smaller and more space-saving which allows it to work better for individuals with limited space.

5. Color Options

While for some grillers, how the grill looks might not matter provided it cooks well, for many others the appearance is as important if not even more important than the build quality and performance.

If the appearance matters a lot to you, the Q1200 will be the better grill for you of the two as it comes in a wide range of delightful colors from vibrant royal purple to a deeper shade of pink and many others.

Hence, with this grill, you can easily get something that will match any theme or décor.

The Q2200, on the other hand, will only come in the standard neutral colors and will mostly be available in gray.

But, the neutral color should still work well for many users as it will blend in easily with most decors.

When it comes to the color, it is all a matter of personal preferences, but it should not be the main determinant of what you end up buying.

6. Weight

These grill types are designed for portability and many of their users will want to use them from different places. And besides the overall dimensions, another factor that determines the portability is the weight.

The smaller Q1200 is the lighter of the two grills given that it only weighs 29.5 pounds and hence making it the more portable of the two.

While at a little over 42 pounds, the Q2200 is relatively heavier, it should still be portable enough, and you should not have any difficulties handling it when grilling.

Also, with both grills, you can easily improve the portability by investing in a wheeled cart which you can easily get from Weber and other leading gas grill brands without spending much.

7. Prices

The Q1200 and Q2200 are some of the most affordable Weber grills currently on the market and will be a perfect choice for any griller shopping for a high-quality grill on a budget.

And given the similarities in performance and features between the two grills, it should be obvious that the prices are also quite close.

Although what you pay depends on where you are buying the grill, at the time of writing this piece, the Q2200 was around $60 more expensive than what you pay for the Q1200.

The significant price difference is mostly due to the larger cooking area and higher heat output that you get on the Q2200.

And if you cook a lot of food often on your grill, the extra bucks you spend will be worth it.

Comparison Table


Weber Q1200

Weber Q2200

Total Cooking Space

189 sq. in.

280 sq. in.

Heat Output

8,500 BTU

12,000 BTU

Overall Performance

Good enough

Much better


24.4 x 40.9 x 20.5 in

26 x 51.4 x 25.1 in

Color Options

Wide variety

Limited options


29.5 lbs

42 lbs




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There is no doubt that Weber is one of the best grill brands out there, and they always seem to have something for everyone. For those on the market for a portable tabletop grill, you cannot go wrong with either their Q1200 or Q2200.

And while ultimately what you pick between these two great models will depend on your specific needs and preferences, the choice should now be simpler with the differences above in mind.

For the griller looking for a grill model that delivers a higher heat output and comes with a relatively larger cooking area and will not mind spending a few extra bucks, the Q2200 is perfect.

But, for those that are shopping on a tighter budget and are also looking for something more ideal for slow and indirect cooking and is also more space-saving, the Q1200 is the ideal choice.