Weber Spirit vs. Genesis – Detailed Grill Comparison 2021

Weber Spirit vs. Genesis

Weber makes some of the best grills in the market, and this should explain why their products are highly popular. But if you are shopping for a Weber grill, you will first need to decide whether to go for their Spirit and Genesis series of grills.

Both series have various grill models which further gives you more variety to choose from, but by first deciding between the two, you can easily narrow down your options.

Grills in both series keep up with the high Weber quality standards and are also built to last, but they also have several differences which a griller needs to know to pick between them.

Besides highlighting their differences, in this piece, we also look at the pros and cons of each grill series.

Weber Spirit Overview

Spirit II E-310
Photo: Weber

Both the Weber Spirit and Genesis Series have been around for more than two decades now, but the Spirit is the older of the two.

The Spirit Series features several models, and it is further available in Spirit I and Spirit II with the latter being the sequel for the original series.

But, what is common across most of the grills in this series is that they are relatively more affordable when compared to what you get on the Genesis.

Also, these are relatively more basic and easy to use grills that will be perfect for beginner grillers shopping for more budget-friendly options built to give them an easier time.

Gas grills in the Spirit series will come equipped with either 2 or 3 burners, porcelain-coated grates and will often also include folding side tables and open cart design. Because they are mostly made from stainless steel, they are durable enough.

But when compared to what Genesis has to offer, these are relatively less-feature rich and will come with a smaller cooking area.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Basic and easy to use
  • More compact and portable
  • Good heat control


  • Smaller cooking area
  • Relatively less feature-rich

Weber Genesis Overview

Genesis II E-335
Photo: Weber

The Genesis Series is a more feature-rich line of Weber grills and like the Spirit, there are also two categories which are Genesis I and its sequel the Genesis II.

Besides being more feature-rich, the grills in this series will also feature a sturdier and more long-lasting construction which is reflected in the price since the grills in the series tend to be more expensive.

Most of the grills in the series are also designed for larger volume grilling as they will come with at least 3 or 4 burners which makes them best suited for the more seasoned grillers. And while their BTU will differ across different models, most deliver higher BTU than the Spirit grills.

You can get the Genesis gas grills in models that use both LPG and natural gas and most models will also deliver larger cooking areas and working spaces.


  • Sturdier and more durable
  • Advanced heat-control technology
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Larger cooking areas
  • Higher heat output


  • Can be a little pricier

Weber Spirit vs. Weber Genesis Grill Comparison

Whether you go for the Spirit or Genesis series of Weber grills, you can be certain that you will have some amazing grill models to choose from.

But, to help make your Series choice easy, here are some key differences between the two series based on the models above.

1. Total Cooking Area

Weber grills are known for having larger cooking areas, but this reputation mostly stems from their Genesis grills as they will generally have larger total cooking spaces than the Spirit ones.

From our comparison above, the Genesis II E-335 provides a total cooking area of 669 square inches which is a combination of the 513 square inches you get on the primary cooking area with the 156 square inch warming rack.

With the Spirit II E-310, there is a total of 529 square inches of cooking space with the primary cooking area being 424 square inches and a 105 square inch warming rack.

Even when comparing other models such as Spirit E-210 and Genesis E-210 the latter still provides a larger cooking area.

2. Number of Burners

While the burners you get on your Weber grill will typically depend on the specific model you buy, Genesis grills often come with more burners than the Spirit models which will typically have between 2 and 3 burners.

Genesis II E-335 is a perfect example of this because despite having 3 burners for the primary cooking area just like Spirit II E-310, it still includes two extra burners.

The two extra burners are the sear station burner and side burner.

The extra burners make then Genesis grill more versatile as they will allow you to cook more food at a go.

3. Heat Output

For the heat output, Genesis also seems to have an edge over the Spirit grill but for some models such as the 2-burner grills, there will not be a significant difference between the two series as the burners they use will deliver the same heat output.

From our comparison above, the three main burners on the Genesis grill will deliver a total of 39,000 BTU while the Spirit grill delivers 30,000 BTU since it uses three 10,000 BTU burners.

Better yet, if you also factor in the heat output from the extra burners on the Genesis II E-335 since the sear burner provides 9,000 BTU and the side burner produces 12,000 BTU, Genesis comes out on top.

But, given the smaller cooking area that you get with the Spirit grills, they will in many instances deliver more heat per square inch than Genesis grills which in many instances is often all that matters.

4. Cart Design

For the cart, Spirit grills are mostly designed to provide easy access to the tank and other grilling essentials that you might want to keep close.

Hence, many grills in this series including the E-310 above will come with an open cart design.

With the high-end Genesis grill, on the other hand, you will get a sleek-looking closed cart design that will make it easier to keep your stuff out of sight.

However, many other Spirit grills will come with a closed cart design and a few Genesis models have an open cart.

Hence, when it comes to the cart, the two tie as they are both available in both styles.

5. Sear Station

For many grillers, the inclusion of a sear station on the Genesis II E-335 is enough reason to give it a try as it means your foods will cook much better and also look fantastic.

And while searing might not always be important for some grillers, it is a great feature to have if you like your grilled foods with some nice grill marks as the intense heat from the sear burner ensures the marks will be clearly visible.

The Spirit grill does not include a sear station, but given that t it also uses some efficient cast-iron grates, you should still get some grill marks, but they will not be very pronounced.

6. Wheels

Wheels do not affect how your grill will cook, but they are crucial for making it more convenient as they are what will make it possible to move it around.

Luckily Weber will include some wheels on both their Spirit and Genesis Grills.

For the Spirit II E-310, you will get two all-weather wheels that will allow you to move the grill with ease in any terrain.

And while the grill does not have locking casters, it will come with some thick steel legs which help to keep it stable in place when in use.

Genesis II E-335, on the other hand, will have both all-weather wheels and a couple of swivel locking casters.

The all-weather wheels help move it smoothly across rough surfaces while the swivel on the caster ensure easy maneuvering and their locking design will keep the grill in place when in use.

7. Prices

When it comes to the prices, it will typically depend on the specific model that you are buying from either of the Series. Overall the E-210 models on the Spirit and Genesis grills tend to be much cheaper than others like the E-310.

However, the Genesis gas grills are generally more expensive than the Spirit grills given that they are sturdier and well-built and will often feature more advanced technologies to make them perform better.

At the time of writing this piece, the Genesis II E-335 is retailing for about $500 more than what you would pay for the Spirit II E-310.

The price difference is quite huge given that the two grills are quite similar in size and features.

However, it mostly stems from the fact that the Genesis II E-335 has a larger cooking area and produces a higher heat output than the Spirit II grill.

Also, closed cabinet wood pellet grills tend to be generally more expensive than the open style models.

Comparison Table

Note: For our comparison of the Weber Spirit and Genesis grills, we use the Spirit II E-310 and Genesis II E-335 as they are some of the best-selling options in their respective series.


Weber Spirit II E-310

Weber GenesisII E-335

Total Cooking Area

529 sq. in.

669 sq. in.

Number of Burners

3 main burners only

3 main and two extra ones

Heat Output

30,000 BTU

39,000 BTU

Cart Design


Closed Cabinet

Sear Station



Foldable Side Table

2 all-weather wheels

2 swivel locking casters and 2 all-weather wheels




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You will hardly ever go wrong with a Weber grill as the company has been in the business for many years now and seems to have mastered what different grillers want.

But, you still need to choose from their many grill options which will often start by picking between the Spirit and Genesis Series.

Because both grill series will offer some fantastic grill models with many similar features including the same model numbering system, things can get confusing. But, they should not as you only need to know what sets the two series apart.

Based on our comparison and overview above, the Spirit grills will be a great choice for the grillers looking for something inexpensive, easy to maintain and more beginner-friendly.

Genesis grills, on the other hand, will work best for those that want something highly durable, with fancier and more advanced technologies and also with more space for cooking food.