What is the Purpose of Gas in Welding

Common Types of Welding Gases and Their Uses

Photo: Flickr Welding gases are vital for any welding job as they play crucial roles, such as shielding the arc from dust and other impurities and heating the metal. However, there are various gas types used in welding for different purposes. If you are a new welder or even an … Read more

Weld Spatter

6 Common Causes Weld Spatter and How to Reduce

Photo: makemoneywelding.com A weld spatter is a common welding defect where some small balls of molten metal blow out of the welding arc and attach to the workpiece or nearby tools. Additionally, they can cause injuries to the welders and even start a fire. Weld spatters occur more often for … Read more

Best TIG Torch

8 Best TIG Torches of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Second only to your welding-skill level, your choice of a TIG torch goes a long way in determining the quality and beauty of your welds. So, it makes perfect sense to get the best torch you can. You can find amazing after-market torches that offer great features and impressive performance. … Read more

Best Welding Jacket

9 Best Welding Jackets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Welding is risky because of the flying sparks, spatter, and heat. So, a welding jacket is a reasonable investment because it protects your body from the hazards of this trade. There are many types of welding jackets, however, and they can range from cotton to leather jackets, as well as … Read more

Best Stick Welder

10 Best Stick Welders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

There’s a reason for the popularity of stick welders, and this includes low cost and versatility. So, if you’re planning to buy one, then you are most definitely making the right decision. Stick welders are cheap, compact and portable because they remove the need to carry gas bottles around. They … Read more

Hobart 500551 Review

Hobart 500551 Review: Heavy-Duty Professional TIG Welder

Photo: Hobart What We Like Supports AC/DC welding Infinite amperage control Prevents tungsten contamination Intuitive fan protects the welder Simplified control interface Includes an AC foot remote control What We Don’t Like Relatively pricey in its class No MIG welding support Bottom Line Heavy-duty AC/DC welding output, infinite amperage, and … Read more

Goplus MIG 130 Review

Goplus MIG 130 Review: Versatile and Durable Home MIG Welder

Photo: Goplus What We Like 4 robust amperage controls 10 flexible wire speed levels Convenient gasless operation Enhanced heat dissipation capability Heavy-duty stainless-steel housing Handy welding accessories included What We Don’t Like Short 6-month warranty Low 10% duty cycle at 105 Amp Bottom Line Flexible amperage adjustments, robust wire feed … Read more

Hobart 500559 Review

Hobart 500559 Review: Versatile All-Round Home MIG Welder

Photo: desertcart.com What We Like 5-position voltage selector Wide 25-140 Amp amperage range Supports 2 welding processes Welds different strong metals Multi-size spool support Fast and simplified setup What We Don’t Like Weighty at 57 pounds Not pocket-friendly Bottom Line Excellent arc performance, robust voltage settings, and a wide amperage … Read more