Best TIG Torch

8 Best TIG Torches of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Second only to your welding-skill level, your choice of a TIG torch goes a long way in determining the quality and beauty of your welds. So, it makes perfect sense to get the best torch you can. You can find amazing after-market torches that offer great features and impressive performance. … Read more

Best Welding Jacket

9 Best Welding Jackets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Welding is risky because of the flying sparks, spatter, and heat. So, a welding jacket is a reasonable investment because it protects your body from the hazards of this trade. There are many types of welding jackets, however, and they can range from cotton to leather jackets, as well as … Read more

Best Stick Welder

10 Best Stick Welders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

There’s a reason for the popularity of stick welders, and this includes low cost and versatility. So, if you’re planning to buy one, then you are most definitely making the right decision. Stick welders are cheap, compact and portable because they remove the need to carry gas bottles around. They … Read more

Best Welding Cart

9 Best Welding Carts of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Any welder can easily make a welding cart, but there are many advantages to buying a manufactured cart. This includes time savings, lower cost, and more extra features. Welding carts come in different designs and capacities. Some are simple with few features, while others come with premium features such as … Read more

Best Welding Helmet Under $100

10 Best Welding Helmets Under $100 in 2021 Reviewed

Welding can get dangerous, so you need the best helmet you can get for protection. Choosing a welding helmet can get difficult and choosing a welding helmet under $100 can even get tougher. Many manufacturers offer different budget welding helmets to choose from. Some are great and others less impressive, … Read more

Best Plasma Cutter

10 Best Plasma Cutters of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Plasma cutters are heaven-sent for many metalworkers because they make it possible to cut through thick metal plates with ease. If you’re considering getting the best plasma cutter for your shop, then this plasma cutter review is for you. Different manufacturers offer slightly different specs, and things can easily get … Read more

Best Welding Helmet

10 Best Welding Helmets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Welding arcs are dangerous for the eyes and the welding process itself can get dangerous. That’s why you need the best welding helmet you can get. A welding helmet protects your eyes from the brightness and harmful effects of ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR) emissions that result from welding arcs, … Read more