Is Welding A Good Career Choice

Is Welding A Good Career Choice?

Welding is a fantastic career choice that comes with many opportunities and can be highly rewarding for anyone patient enough to learn. While it might not look as lucrative as others like medicine, law, or the hospitality industry, it is a fantastic career if you take enough time to learn … Read more

Tips to Sharpen Your Welding Skill

10 Tips to Sharpen Your Welding Skill

Photo: Welding is a trade that requires a lot of patience and regular practice to perfect. Also, you need to understand how to do things correctly to ensure you always get the best results. Here are few handy tips to help you sharpen your welding skills to become the … Read more

MIG Welding

7 Popular Types of Welding Processes

Whether you are starting a career in welding or a seasoned one that wants to improve your skills and understanding of the trade, an excellent place to start is knowing the different welding process types. You can use dozens of welding processes for your projects, and each has its merits … Read more

Can You Weld Black Iron Pipe

Can You Weld Black Iron Pipe? Is it Safe?

While it might not look weldable, the black iron pipe can be welded. Black iron does not have zinc galvanization, meaning you can weld it without creating zinc-oxide as you weld. Zinc-oxide is a toxin that can have adverse health effects on welders. Instead, these pipes have an iron oxide … Read more

How to Weld Aluminum Boat

How to Weld Aluminum Boat

Photo: Welding your aluminum boat is something you can never take chances with as it greatly affects the safety of the boat users. Unlike welding other materials such as steel or stainless steel, aluminum is often more challenging and requires additional skills and experience. But, as complicated as it … Read more

Pipe Welding Technique

Pipe Welding Technique: Everything You Need to Know

Photo: While pipe welding is a better way of connecting pipes than threading them, it is often more challenging than welding flat metal surfaces. However, it is a skill you must master as you advance in your welding career, as at some point, you will probably encounter a job … Read more

What is Tack Welding

What is Tack Welding? How Important is It?

Photo: Tack welds form an essential part of most welding jobs despite seeming more transient and insignificant. For most projects that entail joining two metal surfaces or pieces, these welds will always come in handy. Therefore, as a welder, you need to understand what they are all about, their … Read more

What is the Purpose of Gas in Welding

Common Types of Welding Gases and Their Uses

Photo: Flickr Welding gases are vital for any welding job as they play crucial roles, such as shielding the arc from dust and other impurities and heating the metal. However, there are various gas types used in welding for different purposes. If you are a new welder or even an … Read more