Wen AT6535 Review: Powerful & Versatile Oscillating Spindle Sander

Wen AT6535 Review

Photo: Wen

What We Like

  • A powerful and reliable 3.5A motor
  • 5 robust sanding sleeve sizes
  • High 2000 RPM motor speed
  • Spacious 14.5-in. x 14.5-in. table
  • Supports angled workpieces
  • Convenient onboard storage
  • 80-grit sanding sleeves included

What We Don’t Like

  • May get noticeably loud
  • A dust port adapter is not included

Bottom Line

Power speed and versatility make this sander a great professional and hobbyist tool that also excels at making custom designs with its table beveling capability.


Whether you’re a seasoned or a hobbyist woodworker looking for a powerful, strong, and easy-to-use sander to enhance your productivity, you can’t go wrong with the Wen AT6535.

It is powered by a reliable motor that produces consistent speed and performance to support the most common sanding applications. A strong cast table provides a firm operating surface, while 5 multi-size sleeves diversity sanding styles and techniques.

Wen AT6535 Review

Wen AT6535

Photo: Wen

Performance: Powerful, Fast and Versatile

Fueling the AT6535 is a powerful 3.5-amp motor, which outputs a decent speed of 2,000 RPM, and a spindle speed of 58 oscillations per minute.

With this optimal power and speed blend, expect this sander to handle a wide variety of sanding applications including the creation of arcs, curves, faces, contours, and many more, with reduced operator effort, allowing you to focus on precision.

To support multiple applications and any customizations that may be required in your work, this sander offers 5 different sanding sleeve sizes of 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, and 2-inches.

Sleeve changes are fast and effortless, reducing operation downtime while providing the flexibility your project demands when it comes to styling. Five 80-grit sanding sleeves are also included to get you started on your projects.

Your workpieces rest on a spacious table measuring 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches in size. And because of its cast construction, the component is very strong and capable of handling tough and extensive sanding operations.

Despite the tool’s powerful motor and high speed, its stability is impressively high and produces very little vibration when running.

Dust Management: Reliable Dust Port

Although sanding can be a messy affair given the immense amount of dust and debris that the process produces, the Wen AT6535 manages this issue reliably well.

The sander comes with an integrated dust port, which allows you to hook the tool onto a vacuum system for efficient dust evacuations.

With the sandy successful paired with a vacuum system, expect dust production to be eliminated by over 90 percent, ultimately simplifying cleanup jobs, especially if you have a busy workshop.

It’s worth mentioning that the 1/2-inch dust port does not seamlessly integrate with all vacuum hoses and systems. It would have been great if Wen included an adapter for the port because this model does not come with one.

If you experience challenges with vacuum compatibility, a simple adapter should fix the problem effortlessly.

Ease of Use: Simple Time-Saving Adjustments

Working with the Wen AT6535 is a breeze. There are no sophisticated controls to intimidate or slow you down.

Instead, it offers straightforward adjustments that you can make with minimal interruptions to your workflow. The base is very stable, allowing you to hold workpieces with both hands for greater sanding control.

There’s also a handy onboard storage feature, which helps keep your sanding accessories and sandpapers organized so that you can have everything close by during all your projects.

The onboard accessory storage is available on 3 of the sander’s sides, which ensures there’s enough space to store most of the essential accessories you’ll be using, and probably more.

To maximize the table’s beveling capacity, there’s a bevel knob on one of the bevel’s side’s, beneath the table. It is big enough for simple gripping and easy to turn for quick angle adjustments.

Because the AT6535 is potentially bulky at 33.2 pounds, it may not be the easiest tool to move around in the workshop. Instead, consider mounting it on a bench using the 4 holes on the base. Mounting also helps increase tool stability, especially during the sanding process.

Noise Level: Can Get Loud at Full Power

Being a powerful tool, the AT6535 produces some considerable noise when the motor is running at full speed.

Noise output may intensify when the workpieces being sanded touch the rotating sleeves and the sanding process gets underway.

If the sander gets uncomfortably loud, which is common with this model, simply slip on some ear protection, such as plugs or muffs.

That said, the loudness of this sander may vary depending on the user. If you have a busy workshop with many power tools, you find the noise output of the AT6535 more bearable than that of other tools such as vacuums.

Price: Great Value for Money

For a little less than $300, you are getting a very decent machine. The combination of a powerful motor, sanding versatility, a heavy-duty build, and beveling capability makes for a great all-round sander.

Because of its broad spindle diameter range of 1/2-inch to 2 inches, the tool enables you to execute a wide range of sanding styles and techniques for hobby and professional tasks.

With its support for table beveling of up to 45 degrees, this versatile sander will execute angled edges to support custom designs, especially in professional applications.

A close rival of this sander, also from the same brand, is Wen 6524. This one is a dual-function oscillating belt and spindle sander. Its multi-purpose nature makes the tool very versatile especially when sanding longer and straight pieces.

Aside from the additional belt sanding feature, the 6524 offers pretty much the same performance as the Wen AT6535. They both have a 3.5-amp motor with a speed output of 2,000 RPM.

The tool you chose will depend on your sanding projects’ demands. If a spindle sander is sufficient for all your applications, choose the Wen AT6535.


Reliable power and high operational versatility make the Wen AT6535 ideal for both professional and hobbyist sanding applications. 

A powerful 3.5-amp motor drives the sander and enhances the versatility offered by 5 sanding sleeves of varying sizes. It’s 45-degree bevel capacity supports angled workpieces while onboard storage capability enhances tool organization.


  • Product Name: Wen AT6535
  • Product Brand: Wen
  • Product Dimensions: 16.75 x 14.75 x 14.75
  • Table Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Power Input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 3.5A
  • Motor Speed (No Load): 2,000 RPM
  • Spindle Oscillation (No Load): 58 OPM
  • Spindle Diameter: 1/2-inch
  • Sanding Sleeve Diameter (5): 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, 2-inch
  • Rubber Drum Diameter (4): 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/2-inch, 2-inch
  • Sleeve Grit: 80
  • Table Bevel Angle: 0° – 45°
  • Dust Port Size: 1/2-inch
  • Product Weight: 33.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

Key Features

  • A powerful 3.5-amp motor delivers up to 58 spindle oscillations per minute
  • Supports 5 robust sanding sleeve sizes to boost operational versatility
  • Onboard storage offers reliable organization of sandpapers and other accessories
  • A spacious 14.5-inch x 14.5-inch sander table supports sizeable workpieces
  • The 0° – 45° table beveling capacity accommodates angled workpieces
  • A 1/2-inch dust port connects to dust collection systems to simplify cleanups
  • 5 heavy-duty 80-grit sanding sleeves are included to get you started fast
  • Sturdy cast table construction ensures tool durability and long-term reliability