Wezaggle’s Top Tips To Help You Enjoy Epic Al Fresco Dining In Your Own Backyard!

Read about the best ways to enjoy dining outdoors in your garden to make the most of your outdoor space.

Outside Dining Alfresco Style
Outside Dining Alfresco Style

The British weather is not known for enabling us to eat outdoors as often as we might like. For that reason, a sunny day turns the supermarkets into gladiator tournaments, with wild fights over the last hot dog buns. 

The key to avoiding those sweaty rushes to the shop whenever the sun pops out, is to enjoy al fresco eating in your back garden all year round. That’s right, we said all year round.

With the right adjustments to your outdoor space, some creativity and equipment you can enjoy eating outside much more than you do now.

Now, lets get your backyard setup for those al fresco foodie meals:

Focus On One Space Only

If you’re not keen on putting tons of effort into your outdoor space, it makes sense to focus on one area only for dining. Don’t get overwhelmed with renovating an entire garden, today, you’re focusing on somewhere to eat. 

Your Garden and Alfresco Dining
Your Garden and Alfresco Dining

So, where is best? Probably a patio or some decking if you have those kinds of areas, especially if they connect to the house. A lawned area could work, but natural lawns can be prone to getting muddy.

If you’re lucky enough to have an artificial lawn, that would work well for an attractive alfresco dining area. You can read more about the benefits of artificial grass in our handy guide. 

Clean & Clear

Once you have chosen your space, you need to lay the artificial grass, or renovate the decking – whatever it takes to get that base right. Then, clear the space of any debris and clutter, and importantly, add some shelter because you will need it. 

Adding shelter and maybe even some outdoor heating will be key to ensuring your outdoor space is suitable for dining all year round. 

Let There Be Light

For safety reasons, light is so important outdoors. It only takes one broken tile, or a wonky piece of decking to send you flying if you can’t see the floor. 

Lighting is also so important for making an area feel nice to spend time in. Outdoor fairy lights are ideal for making your outdoor space feel romantic and soft. Solar powered lights are ideal if you want to make your space as eco-friendly as possible. 

Setting Up The Tools For Success

Now you have the basics you can build on your al fresco eating area in a way that suits your style. An easy to clean table and chairs is all you really need once you have shelter because blankets, food, company etc can all be added as and when. 

If you want to make the space more user-friendly then the following are some great additions to an outdoor eating area:

  • A barbecue
  • A fire pit
  • A sink and countertop
  • A blanket box
  • Beanbags or floor cushions
  • An outdoor kitchen tool box
  • Crockery drawers
  • A pizza oven

Here’s a really great article by Ideal Home to provide you with some inspiration. 

Getting Creative

Now you’ve created the perfect base for your outdoor eating area, it’s time to be more creative. What would you love to add to the area to make it special? 

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:


Grow vine Fruit
Grow vine Fruit

Plants have been on trend for a few years now and they only seem to be getting more popular. 

Trailing plants look particularly gorgeous under shelter outdoors, especially in a decking area. Cacti are another good choice too. Up and coming plant trends are harking back to the 70’s as Swiss cheese plants (Monstera) and spider plants are taking quite the comeback. 

If you want something efficient, aromatic and attractive, a herb bed could work really well for your eating area. 

This Gardeners World article has a great selection of ideas to help you get even more inspired about using plants on your patio.

Bring Some Colour

Colour can bring some true personality to an outdoor eating area, and the garden can hold a lot of colour. Natural wood or white painted wood, natural stones or tiles are all a good idea as a base.

On top of that, a pattern as a theme, or a bold colour as a theme can work really well for accessories, in particular, soft furnishings.

A Reason To Go Outside

Adding something to your outdoor area that brings everyone together is a really good idea. Fire pits, chimneys, pizza ovens and barbecues are all reasons to go outside and get off devices.

Once eating outside becomes an event that everyone looks forward to, your outdoor dining area will be somewhere used much more often by the family.


OK, we know that being outdoors should be mindful and leaving the tech behind. However, there is something to be said for having some carefully elected tech in your outdoor area. Speakers, for example, are a great way to add atmosphere to a quiet meal.

Growing Food

If you want an amazing addition to an outdoor eating area that provides you with a hobby and an impressive trick for when you have guests, get growing some food.

You could vine the area and grow kiwis, figs or grapes. You could have peppers, chillies and tomatoes growing in pots around the table. 

Veggies and fruits not only look beautiful and add natural colour, but they provide impressive homegrown produce for your to use in your al fresco meals. 

Your Outdoor Dining Area Is Going To Be Beautiful

With some creativity and careful planning, your outdoor eating area is going to be beautiful. Have some fun, think carefully about what will get you all outdoors and most importantly for the UK: weatherproof, weatherproof, weatherproof. 

To help you further with creating the perfect al fresco eating area in your garden, check out our wide selection of handy articles on Wezaggle.com

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