What Are The Best Alternatives To Gloss Paint?

Gloss paint is a strong finish for busy areas, it lasts a long time but only if you use the best gloss paints. There are a few alternatives to gloss paint on that will finish your paint job and still last for many years.

Alternatives to gloss paint
Alternatives to gloss paint


The best alternative to gloss is satinwood because it does not produce fumes and will not yellow over time.

Satinwood comes in many colours and is a good wood preserver, just as good as gloss. It dries a dull colour (matt) and will not give you that high shine finish.

  • The best alternative to gloss
  • Dries a dull sheen
  • Comes in many colours
  • Does not produce harmful odours


Eggshell is another great alternative but it does not last as long as gloss.

You will find yourself topping up eggshell over time especially if it is used in a high traffic area such as the hallway or start/landing area.

Eggshell dries a dull colour but looks great in white, ivory or yellow.

  • Second best alternative
  • Dries a low sheen
  • Comes in many colours
  • Low odour paint


Gloss is the best for preserving wood fixtures around the house such as skirting boards, staircases, doors, frames and many others.

It will last many years if the brand is good and you undercoat it before applying the gloss.

If the smell is off-putting for you then you can use an oil-based gloss that will not smell as bad while drying! But the best alternative to gloss paint is satinwood.

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