What Are The Best Anti Condensation Paint For Walls and Ceilings?

Anti-condensation paint contains Biocide which kills mould, so no matter how wet your walls becomes it will not grow mould for many years.

Mould And Condensation Issues - Examples
Mould And Condensation Issues – Examples

Another reason to use anti-condensation paint is its durability, you can wipe down this paint because it’s very hard-wearing and will not fade.

This type of paint is great for bathrooms, kitchens and rooms susceptible to mould growth because of an external wall.

It can stop walls from collecting moisture by using Infrared reflectivity which slightly warms the paint greatly reducing condensation.

These specialist paints will act as a barrier that can be wiped and scrubbed daily if needed.

If any room in your house has wet walls or ceilings then there is an airflow issue, you would need to install a fan or air vents in the windows to stop your moisture accumulation.

What Are The Causes Of Condensation And Mould?

There are many causes of condensation, it can be because of rising damp, leaks from pipes or broken roof tiles.

The most common cause of condensation and black mould is when your house or room becomes humid and it’s cooler outside.

So when the humid air comes into contact with a cold wall it will cause droplets to form.

If you have condensation for long periods you will notice black spots of mould growing over your paint.

You can wipe these down but you need to get to the root of the problem to correctly rectify your damp issue.

  • Bad cavity wall insulation
  • Leaking roof tiles
  • Rising damp issues
  • Dripping pipe
  • Damaged drainpipe system
  • Moss or blocked guttering
  • Humid air with no airflow
  • No extractor fan in the bathroom
  • No vents on the windows

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing mould growth and condensation.

Use the list above and check each scenario, it will be one of the issues mentioned above. The most common being bad ventilation, old windows with no air vents.

Applying Anti-Condensation Paint

Before applying your anti-condensation paint you must follow these simple rules for your wall or ceiling to feel the full effects of this type of paint.

We always advise our readers to gently sand down the previous paint so the new paint has a key when dry.

This also removes any grime or grease from your walls. Which might make your new paint bubble or crack. Sugar soap is perfect for this type of gentle paint removal.

  1. Rough your wall with 220 grit sandpaper
  2. Use sugar soap because it’s abrasive and also removes grease
  3. Open windows and doors because it can be over-powering
  4. Wear protective clothing, mask and goggles
  5. Cut your paint in first with a good paintbrush
  6. Then use a roller and apply in lanes up and down so you do not miss a spot
  7. This also goes for the ceiling, cut in the edges and roller in lanes

Give this paint a good 12 hours to dry, leave a window open while this paint dries so it does not get too wet when in the drying stage.

We would advise you to use two coats of this paint, but do not apply the next coat until the first layer has dried.

Best Anti-Condensation & Mould Paints

Here are the brands I have been using when applying anti-condensation paint, they are all well-known brands that have never let me down.

TOP TIP: Do not paint over this anti-condensation paint because it will stop killing mould, this must be the finishing coat for it to be effective.

Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint

Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint
Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint

Ronseal has done themselves proud with this paint line. It’s a thick quality paint that is durable when dry with added biocide which lasts 6 years.

The biocide kills mould and stops it from forming on the outside of your paint.

This ingredient is why Ronseal’s anti-mould and condensation paint is our top pick. It comes in various colours so you can use it on ceilings or walls.

This paint will greatly reduce condensation from forming and is durable enough for daily cleaning if needed.

Our Rating

  • Quality: 5/5
  • Anti-condensation 5/5
  • Anti-mould: 5/5

Check Price on Amazon

DryZone Anti-Condensation Paint

DRYZONE Anti Condensation Paint
DRYZONE Anti Condensation Paint

DryZone is another selection that reduces condensation, mould and fungal growth from ceilings and walls.

We chose this paint line because it will reduce condensation by allowing it to disperse by using infra-red reflectivity.

Infra-red reflectivity will slightly warm the paint to the touch, this technology will reduce the condensation accumulation by up to 3 times when compared to other brands.

Although this line is more expensive, it will make a huge difference to your walls and ceilings over time.

Our Rating

  • Quality: 5/5
  • Anti-condensation 5/5
  • Anti-mould: 4/5

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Conclusion – Anti-Condensation Paint

If you are stuck with a room, bathroom or kitchen that accumulates condensation on the walls or ceilings then you must seek help and install a fan or window vents.

Another reason why a room would have condensation is because of external walls (No cavity wall insulation).

When a wall is warm on the inside and then cold on the outside your walls will accumulate condensation.

For this reason, we would advise you to paint the walls using the anti-condensation paint listed above.

Happy Painting 😉

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