Best Garage Floor Paints in 2021

Floor paint for concrete must be a hard drying but flexible paint so it can withstand being cleaned, scrubbed and driven over. With many garage floor paint brands claiming the top spot, there are only a few brands we would rely on.

Garage Floor Paint Examples
Garage Floor Paint Examples

When it comes to garage floor paints, you cannot use an inferior brand because the work involved in removing the paint due to cracks and peeling is very time-consuming.

TOP TIP: It’s best to start with a brand you can trust and rely on for a solid garage or warehouse floor space.

The Best Hardened Garage Floor Paints

Listed below are two garage floor paints that are well-known and will last the test of time. A good all-round floor paint should be:

  • Hard setting
  • Easily applied
  • Lasts the test of time
  • Non-slip
  • Contains: polyurethane alkyd resins
  • Does NOT crack or peel
  • Chemical and Spillage resistant

Leyland Trade Floor Paint

Leyland Floor Paint

Leyland is a good brand and they are known for many paint types that are used all over the UK. Their floor paint is strong once dried and will stand the test of time!

It comes in a satin finish with many colours to choose from.


  • Resin/oil-based
  • Mixture of colours
  • 5-litre tins @£32
  • Easily applied
  • Extremely strong and hardwearing

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Polar – Garage Floor Paint

Polar Garage Floor Paint

Polar is a less known brand but their garage floor paint leaves a great finish.

I have used this garage floor paint many times before, for inside and outside concrete floors!

It offers a polyurethane finish so when the floor is wet it is still non-slip.


  • Oil-based
  • polyurethane finish
  • Yellow & Grey
  • Chemical resistant
  • Mid-sheen finish
  • Rock hard finish
  • 5-litre tin @£34

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Before You Paint Your Garage Floor

So, before you start painting your garage floor make sure you have all the tools and the right paint for the job.

A garage floor must be cleaned and sealed before you paint because the concrete will suck the moisture from your paint.

  • Preparation is a must
  • Have all the tools on site before you start
  • Have enough garage floor paint to complete the job

How To Prepare Your Garage Floor For Painting?

Polar Advice and Breakdown!
Polar Advice and Breakdown!

This is a very important part of painting the floor. If you just roll out the paint over a garage floor that has not been prepped and sealed then your paint job will fail!

You “MUST” repair, hoover and seal the concrete floor.

  • Sweep or hoover the garage floor
  • Use a concrete seal

Effective Concrete PVA Seal

Sealing concrete floors with PVA
Sealing concrete floors with PVA

Sealing your concrete floor is a very easy process, but makes all the difference to the finished paint. Here is the formula:

  1. PVA Glue
  2. Water
  3. Bucket
  4. Brush (large)

Mix half and half, so 50% water and 50% PVA into a bucket and mix until it all becomes milky. You can use a soft brush and simply spread the mixture over the floor. Once it has dried you are ready to paint your concrete garage floor.

This mixture will create a barrier between your paint and the concrete.

If you do not seal your concrete floor then you might see your paintwork flaking, cracking and peeling away this is because the concrete has sucked the moisture from your paint making it brittle.

Applying Garage Floor Paint

When you come to apply the floor paint you must use a large roller. Just run the roller out in strips this way you get better coverage and an evenly painted floor.

Once you have applied the first coat nice a thick then evaluate the coverage and continue another layer of paint if necessary.

  1. Use a pole roller
  2. Cut-in the edges with a brush
  3. Run the paint out in strips

Conclusion – Garage Floor Paint

Using the correct floor paint and preparing your concrete before painting is a must. If you follow our advice and seal your floor before painting it you will much better success.

You can purchase concrete sealers but they are expensive and do not work as should. With the PVA and water mix, your sealer will soak deep and seal it ready for a rock hard painted garage floor.

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