Best Painting Tools To Get A Straight Line When Cutting-in

Using frog tape or masking tape to get straight lines when cutting in will always fail. Masking tape is only good for glass because the surface is super flat and your paint will not puddle under your choice of tape.

Straight Edge Paint Lines - Example
Straight Edge Paint Lines – Example

In this article, I am going to reveal the best ways to cut in your paint edges, like a pro. For a paint job to be perfect and look good you need to create a sharp line called cutting-in, generally with a good stiff brush.

But users who do not have much experience when it comes to painting will struggle to get a dead-straight line.

DIY Painting Tools

For beginners, there are so many contraptions to help you finish your DIY paint job with straight lines.

Most are not worth the time but there are some good DIY tools that I have used myself and will finish your paint job just as good as any experienced decorator.

  1. Skirting boards
  2. Architrave
  3. Dado/picture rails
  4. Ceilings
  5. Cupboards

Top Tip: You cannot use these paint edging devices when glossing. Discover the best paintbrush for glossing wooden accessories around the home.

Best Painting Tools For Straight Lines

Painting tools listed below are the tools that I know will greatly improve your overall painting success.

Before using any type of cutting-in tools, I would advise you to practice with your new painting tools so you get it right the first time.

1) Accubrush MX Paint Edger

AccuBrush Paint Edging
AccuBrush Paint Edging

Over the years I have tried so many contraptions for speed and quality, with the Accubrush MX paint edger being the best when it comes to painting straight lines.

The design is perfect with straight lines every time. It’s a quick method a very simple to use.

If you are painting onto the ceiling, skirt boards, dado rails, picture rails and architrave then this tool is a must. No more cutting-in with a brush trying to steady your hand, this tool does it all for you.

The only downside with this tool is paint accumulation, keep your speed normal do not go too fast.

If you go slow and steady this tool creates crisp straight lines and will work on all types of paint and flat surfaces!

  • Brand: Accubrush
  • Type: Roller-type
  • Price: Check below

Check Price on Amazon

2) ADGO Edge Roller

ADGO Edge Painting Roller
ADGO Edge Painting Roller

Next up is the ADGO cutting-in roller-tool, this device is very similar to the Accubrush MX paint edger.

It works in much the same way but uses brushes instead of a rubber closer.

It’s a good tool but needs cleaning often because the bristles will accumulate paint after a few meters.

Every few metres you must clean the bristles due to paint accumulation. Although this device has a known issue it does work very well.

Once you master this tool you will make good ground with crisp paint lines.

  • Brand: ADGO
  • Type: Roller-type
  • Price: £12-14

Check Price on Amazon

3) Paint Pad Set By Luigi Painting

Luigi Painting Pads
Luigi Painting Pads

Most paint pads smudge and smear your paint, especially if your using cheaper emulsions. This paint pad set for straight lines from Luigi Painting offers thinner bristles that will not streak your paint around the wall.

Because these thinner bristles are much shorter you get a much better finish and less mess. This device is good for cutting-in around light fittings, skirting boards and other wooden accessories around the home.

Ceilings are also extremely easy, before using this device you should practise and get a good feel for the pads before using them in your home. Luigi Painting provides a tray and three individual pads for all kinds of areas around the home.

  • Brand: Luigi Painting
  • Type: Pad-type
  • Price: £15-16

Check Price on Amazon

Painting Tools FAQ’S

What Type Of Paint Can I Use?

You can only use emulsion paints with these painting devices. Do not use a gloss with these rollers and pads because they will not give you the desired finish! For a good glossing paintbrush, we have revealed our selections here.

Why Does Tape Not Work?

Frogtape and masking tapes do not work on walls and ceiling they can peel paints away when removed and cause puddling under the tape. Tapes should only be used on windows because they can be removed easily and the surface is super flat so you will not get any puddling under the tape.

How To Use A Brush When Cutting-in?

For the best way, a beginner can get a straight line with a paintbrush is to keep practising. When loading the paint onto the brush make sure the whole brush is covered in paint.

Dip in your brush and tap each side of the brush against the tub, this will give you the perfect amount of paint without drips.

To steady your brush use your knuckles when running out your paint.

Here is a video to help you practise and get better when painting straight lines:


To get straight lines when painting can be very hard for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.

It will take time to master the paintbrush and so using a handy cutting-in tool will make your painting job much easier and even more presentable.

There is nothing worse when seeing someones paint job and noticing wavey lines around the room.

It will ruin your decorating task and probably look worse than it did before.

Happy Painting 😉

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