What Can I Do About My Neighbours Dog Barking? UK Legal Options

Dog barking can become a serious issue if it starts keeping you or your family members up. Some dog owners seem to leave their dogs out in the garden for long periods without a thought for the neighbours.

Dogs barking next door
Dogs barking next door

Owning a dog should be a full-time job that needs attention, training and time.

Leaving a dog to continue to bark to be let in or at other gardens or pets is unacceptable and against the law.

Maybe occasionally a dog will bark to get its owners attention, but if a dog is continuously barking in the garden it’s classed a noise disturbance.

Our neighbour’s dogs are always stuck in the garden crying and barking. What can we do? We have spoken with them and they ended up shouting and swearing at us about being nosey neighbours. It has gotten to a point where they are in the garden at 5 am and not going indoors until 12 sometimes 1 am! It is keeping my children up and also tried to attack us through the fence.

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Speak With Your Neighbour

Your first option if a dog is always stuck in the garden barking is with their owners. It’s not the dog’s fault but the owner.

Explain that the barking is getting to you and your family and you would like it stopped or reduced dramatically.

  • Be polite and calm
  • Explain the dogs are always in the garden
  • The barking is keeping you up at night

If you are not on speaking terms with your neighbour or you have breached this subject with them before without a positive outcome then you should take it to the next level.

Contact The County Council

Once you have tried to speak with your neighbour about the barking and they have not tried to entertain their dog then you must contact the council.

If a dog is always in the garden barking then other neighbours must also be annoyed with the noise.

Speak with other neighbours and ask them to also contact the local county council about noise pollution (barking).

If more than one household makes contact with the noise department they are more likely to take quicker action.

They will come round to your house and leave a sound device to record the noise. If the noise is severe but also continuos then the dog warden will make a visit.

Checking The Dogs Wellbeing

A dog warden will visit the property and evaluate the dog’s well-being.

If the dog is outside all the time then they will evaluate the situation and move forward from there!

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