What is Chainsaw Used for? Pros & Cons of Chainsaw

What is Chainsaw Used For

A chainsaw is a portable power tool which consists of a series of sharp teeth that is affixed to a rotating chain, which is typically driven either by a gasoline engine or an electric motor. No matter which of the two power sources is used for running its chain, you can always count on this tool for cutting.

What is Chainsaw Used For?

According to Wikipedia, chainsaws were originally used as a surgical instrument for cutting bones, specifically to assist in childbirth. But today it’s primarily used for other purposes.

1. Gardening

One of the most common uses of a chainsaw is for gardening or landscaping. In this case, the tool is used for cutting low-hanging tree branches, trimming heavy bushes, chopping firewood, cutting unwanted trees, and even for making garden boxes.

2. Wood Industry

Chainsaws are widely used in the wood industry. The tool’s cutting power allows lumberjacks and sawmill workers to do their job more efficiently. Lumberjacks are responsible for felling trees, cutting them into logs, and transporting them to a sawmill.

On the other hand, lumbermill workers are the ones responsible for the processing of logs and turning them into lumber that can be used for building a deck or an entire home.

3. Forest Management

Chainsaws are also widely used in forest management. The tool makes it a lot easier for forest managers to do their job of protecting and regulating woodland habitats.

4. Other

A good old chainsaw comes in handy during emergencies. For instance, when a storm strikes and your yard happens to have lots of trees, there’s a small chance that gusting winds will knock down one of those trees or its branches right into the ground, causing either damage to your property or a great deal of inconvenience to your family.

A chainsaw can easily cut a fallen tree or branch that’s blocking your driveway into smaller, easily removable pieces.

Other than for working on trees and bushes, chainsaws can also be used for creative purposes, such as carving sculptures and ornaments.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Chainsaw

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chainsaw

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1. Advantages of a Chainsaw


A handsaw is a reliable tool that can get the job done. But when it comes to bigger or tougher jobs, a chainsaw is obviously the better option as it runs with the help of gas or electricity instead of manual force. This means that its cutting speed is many times faster than an ordinary handsaw.


Chainsaws are a very powerful cutting tool. With it, you won’t have to exert as much effort to cut down thick trees or trim dense bushes, so more energy and time can be saved and devoted to do other things. It’s basically the perfect cutting tool to use for heavy-duty work or professional use. However, a gas-powered chainsaw has more cutting power than an electric chainsaw.

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Despite packing some weight, a chainsaw is a brilliantly designed tool that you can easily lug around with you everywhere in the garden or a jobsite, even if it’s at the top of a tall tree. If prefer to have your hands free when moving around, you can attach a strap or lanyard to your chainsaw and hook it on your tool belt.

2. Disadvantages of a Chainsaw


Like most power tools, safety is a concern when using a chainsaw. One mistake could lead to a fatal injury. But as long as you follow proper cutting techniques and wear appropriate protective gear, you can minimize the probability of a severe accident.


No matter how often or how seldom you use it, a gasoline-powered chainsaw requires a considerable amount of maintenance to ensure the operator’s safety. It needs to be checked every time before use just to be safe. Electric chainsaws also require maintenance, but not as much as its gas-powered counterpart.


In conclusion, a chainsaw is a portable power tool that offers a lot of cutting power. It is perfect for cutting trees, trimming heavy shrubs, and other uses. Therefore, if you are concerned about fallen trees or if you’re planning on handling landscape improvement projects on your own, then you should definitely get a chainsaw.