What Is Sugar Soap And Where Do I Use It?

Sugar soap is a liquid created using different forms of sodium ingredients. It’s one of your best friends when it comes to painting because it acts as a degreaser.

Example of sugar soap
Example of sugar soap

It also has very fine abrasive particles that can easily remove grime and grease from ceilings, walls and various surfaces.

Before painting walls, ceilings and kitchen cupboards you should use sugar soap to clean any grease or grime away before painting.

Sugar soap also acts as an abrasive so you can use it to prep water-based paintwork around the home.

Using Sugar Soap When Prepping For Painting Tasks

We all hate preparation work because it can be boring and time-consuming, but if you want a good DIY paint job you can be proud of then sugar soap will help you achieve this.

You simply apply it to a cloth and rub it over your walls, ceilings and other paintable surfaces.

Wipe it off again and you have a degreased and clean wall. Apart from sandpaper sugar soap must always be used for a complete and successful paint job.

The Best Sugar Soaps

Bartoline has been selling sugar soap for many years and has the best version to date. Their sugar soap provides a degreasing and abrasive agent that works every time.

I have been using this brand for many years, it’s a good price, strong solution and they provide a sponge with every order.

Bartoline Sugar Soap Concentrate
Bartoline Sugar Soap Concentrate

There are many versions of sugar soap, some are weaker than others but the quality drastically changes between brands.

I would avoid the cheaper brands because you will find they are weak and watered down.

  • Concentrated formula
  • Degreaser
  • Removes grime and stains
  • Great for tobacco-stained ceilings and walls!
  • Does not leave streaks
  • X2 500ML bottles
  • x1 Decorators sponge
  • Price: £13-15

Conclusion – Sugar Soap

If you are painting walls and ceiling then sugar soap will also act as an abrasive similar to sandpaper.

You can use sugar soap on water-based paints such as emulsion paints and it will remove the top layer ready for a fresh look.

It’s a good solution for nicotine stains especially when painting ceilings.

For kitchen cupboards and ceilings painting rubbing “sugar soap” removes grease and creates a key ready for the next coat of paint.

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