Best Fillers For Interior Ceilings & Walls of 2021 Reviewed

Not just any filler will do when it comes to ceiling and walls. If you are going to start decorating we suggest you use a filler that’s fine, stays in place and is sandable so you cannot see it through your finished paint job.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Fillers
Interior Wall and Ceiling Fillers

You can pick up filler in any shop on the high street very cheap but the majority of them are not worth the hassle. If you’re going to use a cheap low-grade filler on your walls and ceilings then you might as well not start decorating!

Good Interior Filler Features

An interior filler should be extremely fine so you can sand it and match it to the wall or ceiling you are going to be using it on. All fillers featured are:

  1. Quick-drying within the hour
  2. Does not shrink or crack when dry
  3. Superfine for sanding and patching
  4. Ready-mixed to avoid waste

Best Interior Ceiling & Wall Fillers

Let’s take a look at the best interior fillers that you can buy online right now.

1) Ronseal Smooth Finish Filler

Ronseal Smooth Finish

The Ronseal smooth finish filler is one of the best on the market.

It’s the perfect filler for interior walls and ceilings because it’s flexible, fine and ready-mixed to reduce waste.

The Ronseal filler brand works on a wide variety of surfaces such as plaster, stone and wood. So, you have the perfect interior filler that will not crack or fall out once set and is paintable within the hour.

  • Fine to help patch walls and ceilings
  • Patch scuffs, dents and holes
  • Suitable for stone, wood and plaster
  • Ready-mixed for reduced waste

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2) Polycell Deep Gap Polyfilla

Polycell Deep Gap Polyfilla

Polycell is a well-known brand in the world of decorating. They provide paints, tools and fillers that are well known for their quality.

Their ready-made filler is great for bigger holes, scuffs and general wear for internal walls and ceilings.

Once this filler sets it’s capable to hold plugs and screws if needed. This non-sagging mixture is super-fine and sandable within the hour.

So, for bigger holes then this is the interior filler that works the best and produces the best results!

  • Fill bigger holes and scuffs
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Ready-Mixed 1L
  • Suitable for stone, wood and plaster

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How To Use Internal Filler Correctly?

Preparation is key when decorating if you do not prepare before you paint then your not going to get that perfect paint job.

Make sure your walls and ceilings are in good shape before painting because any dents, marks or scuffs will stick out when you have finished!

  1. Use a large scraper x2
  2. Be sure your scraper blade is clean/straight
  3. Apply the filler with one motion
  4. Complete all ceilings and walls
  5. When dry check your filler
  6. Use sandpaper or a sander
  7. Gently rub the filler until flush with the wall

If you have done a lot of filling then a sander or a large sanding pad attached to a broom handle will suit. Be sure to correctly sand the filler flush, use your fingers to confirm you have sanded enough and you cannot feel the edges of the filler.

If you do not sand your filler correctly then it’s going to stick out. Sand the filler and the wall around. Use 150 grit sandpaper for both ceiling and walls.

This will blend the filler and match it to the walls and ceilings in your property.

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