Best Kitchen Cupboard Paints of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Kitchen cupboard paint has to be hardwearing because kitchen cupboards are a high traffic area.

Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Examples
Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Examples

If you do not use paint specifically designed for kitchen cupboards then you will find that your painting will deteriorate quickly and not cover as expected.

I reveal the best kitchen cupboard paints I have been using for many years, plus the process and preparation we use.

A good cupboard paint will help you redesign your kitchen, making your kitchen cupboards look new again!

But, as always with painting, you must prepare your kitchen cupboards “BEFORE” your start painting.

Why Use Kitchen Cupboard Paint?

A kitchen cupboard or cabinet paint is created with acrylic and is generally latex-based which making it a much harder wearing and longer-lasting paint.

Yes, you can use any wood paint for your kitchen cupboards but hard-wearing paint is the key to success.

  1. Wipeable
  2. Does not stain
  3. Avoid scuffs and scrapes
  4. Covers in 1/2 coats

Preparing Your Kitchen Cupboards

Preparation is key, especially when it comes to kitchen cupboards. Some people think you can just paint over kitchen cupboards without sanding them.

This would be a big mistake because you want a clean long-lasting paint job.

For your new paint to stay on your kitchen cupboards and not start peeling away then you must create a key. A key or rough surface will help your paint attach better.

If you just paint on top of your old cupboard paint then your new layers of paint will peel away especially around the handles where the most traffic is.

  • Clean any grease or stain
  • Sand your cupboards down
  • Fill any holes or scuffs with wood filler
  • Only fill scuffs after sanding
  • Sugar soap is another option

TOP TIP: When sanding your cupboards you do not need to take them back to the MDF, just enough to remove the top layer of paint. Sugar soap is another option to remove grease because your kitchen cupboards will get very greasy over the years.

Best Paints for Kitchen Cupboards

Now let’s take a look at the best kitchen cupboard paints.

Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint

Johnstones Kitchen Cupboard Paint
Johnstones Kitchen Cupboard Paint

The Johnstones Revive Cupboard Paint is the best option for the perfect kitchen. They provide a variety of colours in both matt or silk effects.

It is a one-coat solution that covers extremely well and holds that colour for many years. You can scrub this stuff and it still looks good, so for stains and upkeep, this paint is by far the best option when it comes to reviving your kitchen cupboards.


  • Brand: Johnstone’s
  • Colours: Various
  • Effects: matt and silk
  • Drying times: 1-3 hours
  • Volume 750ml
  • Cost: £18-24

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V33 Easy Furniture Paint

V33 Furniture Paint
V33 Furniture Paint

For a cheaper option, we recommend V33 furniture paint because it comes in many unique colours and holds well. It compares very well to many popular brands, it’s wipeable, stronger and goes further.

If you are planning to rejuvenate your kitchen cupboards then V33 is a great option that I use every week.


  • Brand: V33
  • Colours: Various/UNIQUE!
  • Effects: matt and silk
  • Drying times: 2-4 hours
  • Volume 500ml
  • Cost: £12-15

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Dulux Once Satinwood

Dulux Once Satinwood
Dulux Once Satinwood

For the last option, we recommend Dulux once satinwood. Satinwood is a dull paint with less sheen when compared to gloss.

It can be used all over the house on wooden and metal features such as staircases, spindles, skirting boards etc.

But, it works great on kitchen cupboards because it does not require an undercoat, it lasts well and improves the look of your kitchen.


  • Brand: Dulux
  • Colours: brilliant white
  • Effects: satinwood
  • Drying times: 4-9 hours
  • Volume 750ml
  • Cost: £13-16

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Kitchen Cupboard Paints – FAQ’S

Can I paint chipboard cupboards

Yes, you can paint kitchen cupboards made out of chipboard. But your cupboards must be in good condition if your vinyl is peeling and worn back to the chipboard then it might be time to purchase new cupboard doors.

Can I paint powder coated cupboards?

Yes, you can paint powder coated cupboard doors. Just sand and take off the shine and your cupboard paint will have a good key to grip when dry.

Can I use gloss on my kitchen cupboard paint?

Gloss is a finish coat so it would be great for kitchen cupboards. We would advise a trade gloss and two layers of undercoat so you get a solid finish that lasts for many years. Preparation must be adhered to also with gloss paint.

Do I need to take my kitchen cupboards off before painting?

No, you can take them off if you want to, but you will still have to do each side separately. Painting your kitchen cupboard fixed to their units is much easier and less prone to mistakes such as dirt, dust and grime sticking to your finish coat.

Where should I start when painting cupboards?

Always start at the top and work your way down with a good paintbrush (non-nylon!). This reduces drips and makes it easier to apply the same paint all over your cupboards. Mask your hinges remove your handles and your area is ready to be painted after preparation.

Conclusion – Kitchen Cupboard Paints!

Kitchen cupboards are the most important part of decorating the kitchen area.

If you do not get this right the first time around then you’re going to have to sand and repaint.

Preparing your cupboards with sugar soap and sandpaper to remove grime and grease will give your kitchen cupboard paint the best chance to set and stay for many years.

  1. Remove handles
  2. Sand and clean with sugar soap
  3. Fill or sand out any scuffs
  4. Paint the fronts and then the backs of your cupboards
  5. Once painted fit new handles for maximum effect

If you need any advice on kitchen cupboards and the best way to paint them then feel free to ask a question in the comment section below.

Happy Painting 😉

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