Best Paint For Internal Walls in 2021 Reviewed!

If you want to know what is the best paint for internal walls you came to the right place! We will discuss this in detail in this post.

Paint for internal walls
Paint for internal walls

Let’s start with the most popular types. Emulsion paint is the most popular type of paint for internal walls.

You can choose matt or silk, matt tends to be good for living rooms and bedrooms where silk is good for high traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens because it can be cleaned, unlike a matt finish.

Acrylic paint is another option, but because of the price tag, it would be very expensive to paint a whole room. Emulsion paint is your best option due to the quality of the paint job and the overall price tag.

Another type of paint is eggshell which does have acrylic added to the mixture. Which dries similar to silk but not as shiny, although it can be wiped clean so would be good for high traffic areas.

  1. Emulsion paints
  2. Eggshell paint
  3. Undercoat/Gloss

Emulsion Paints

The Best Emulsion Paint in the UK!
The Best Emulsion Paint in the UK!

The emulsion paint market is huge and the quality is even more diverse. Quality is a big issue if you have never used emulsion paints before or just stick to one brand.

Some will require one or two coats and cover a wall great even over older paintwork.

Some are just not worth the hassle of preparing for painting because its like spraying coloured water over your walls, taking coat after coat just to make it look half decent.

We have some pre-selected emulsion paints I use on my own home. These paints are the best for walls and do not cost a fortune!

Eggshell Paints

Eggshell paint receives its name because the finished texture is very similar to eggshells!

It holds well and is great for high traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms because it holds well when wiped down.

Leyland’s Eggshell – Hardwearing

The best Eggshell paint we use is the Leyland version because it paints and sets extremely well.

Eggshell Acrylic By Leyland

Providing you with a hardwearing surface that can be used on walls, ceilings and wooden accessories such as staircases, skirting boards and dado rails.

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Can I Gloss My Walls?

Mixing Gloss Paints Example
Mixing Gloss Paints Example

Yes, you can gloss walls, but you must prime/undercoat them before painting. This look is not very popular and can be extremely hard to re-paint.

You cannot gloss over gloss paint so when you come to re-design and decorating you are going to have to remove “ALL” the gloss for the new layer of paint to dry to the wall.

In other words, gloss will ruin your walls if you decide to paint them using gloss paint.

Conclusion – Paints For Internal Walls

We would advise readers not to gloss their walls because it will destroy it when it comes to re-painting. If you sand the wall and re-paint then you might find that the plaster comes off with the gloss paint.

You cannot top-up gloss because it skins and peels away.

An emulsion is the best wall paint because you can re-paint, touch up and wipe clean if you’re using a silk finish.

Although matt is a popular choice in recent years, it can be easily touched up, just make sure you keep some spare of that line of paint.

Happy Painting 😉

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