Best Paintbrushes For Glossing in 2021

A finish coat of gloss or even satan wood requires a thin bristled brush for the best results. Nylon brushes are not the right type for glossing because the bristles are too thick and will leave streak marks behind.


A natural brush is the correct type of paintbrush when it comes to glossing wooden accessories around the home such as staircases, null posts, dado rails and skirting boards.

It pays to stay clear of the pound shops or cheaper bulk packs of paintbrushes because they are inferior and the bristles will fall out and leave hairline streaks.

Looking After Your PaintBrush

Once you have purchased your new glossing and cutting in paintbrush and used it for the first time you must keep it clean.

Gloss and other finishing coats such as satinwood can be hard to remove from the paintbrush. White spirit or paint thinner is a must for a healthy brush.

  1. Clean with white spirit
  2. Use a degreaser/soap
  3. Do not leave your paintbrush in white spirit

After you have cleaned your paintbrush wrap it in clingfilm and wrap a rubber band around the tip so the shape is the same each time you come round to using it.

A well-looked after paintbrush will last many years and leave your gloss paint perfect every time.

The Best Piantbrushes for Glossing

I have been using both brands of paintbrushes featured in this article.

They are great for glossing and satinwood but can also be used for emulsion, varnishes and undercoating.

These are all-round brushes but should be used for finish coats such as satinwood and gloss.

Keeping your brushes separate from other coats will make them last longer and hold their shape better.

Top tip: when you have finished using your brush use an elastic band to wrap around the tip of your brush to keep the shape of the bristles once dry.

Harris – Platinum Paintbrushes

Harris Paintbrushes
Harris Paintbrushes

Harris paintbrushes are the leading maker of brushes in the UK. They provide a wide variety of painting tools with their paintbrushes being their best-known product.

I have been using Harris brushes for many years and know they provide quality and affordability when compared to the alternative glossing brushes in the UK.

Their Platinum range offers very fine bristles that make cutting-in much easier.

We chose this paintbrush because it evenly spreads out your gloss paint, without having to brush and brush!

Another point to make with finer bristles is the amount of gloss it can hold without dripping, so you are not continuously dipping back into your paint holder.

Product details

  • Brand: Harris Platinum
  • Size: 2″,1″,1.5″ x5
  • Handle: Wooden
  • Style: Wand
  • Paint type: oil and water-based
  • Price: £19-23

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Hamilton – Glossing Paintbrush

Hamilton Paintbrushes
Hamilton Paintbrushes

Another well-known paintbrush brand in the UK is Hamilton. Their brushes are on the pricey side but they are second to none.

They pack in the bristles which makes it easier to hold and apply paint in a straight line. This comes in handy when cutting in your woodwork with gloss and satinwood.

Product details

  • Brand: Hamilton
  • Size: 2″,1″,11/2″ x5
  • Handle: Wood bevelled
  • Style: straight
  • Paint type: oil-based, varnish and water-based
  • Price: £15-21

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Paint Brushes – FAQ’S

How do I clean gloss from my paintbrush?

Gloss can be both water and oil-based types. Oil-based paints are harder to clean, if you leave your brush to dry with the gloss still in the bristles then you might as well throw it away. Use white spirit or a paintbrush cleaner and clean each day, use soap after a rinse and keep dry.

Can I just use a roller for glossing?

No, the roller works on door panels sometimes depending on the paint thickness! Always use a brush when glossing so you can cover on the first coat. A brush is always a must when glossing wooden accessories around the home.

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