What Is The Best Way To Remove Silicone Sealant?

Removing Silicone sealant can be a tricky time-consuming task, you will find silicone sealant in bathrooms and kitchens.

Silicone Sealent Examples
Silicone Sealent Examples

It’s a waterproofing substance that protects against leaks and drips that over time can be disastrous for joists, floorboards and walls.

If you are removing your silicone sealant from around the bath, sink or shower tray you “MUST” replace it, because it’s there for a good reason.

Over time silicone sealant can become black and start to fail. This is when you need to remove all silicone and run a fresh bead around your shower, bath or sink.

Removing Silicone Sealent

The best way to remove silicone sealant is WD-40, you simply spray it over the sealant and leave for 10 minutes.

Once you have left the WD-40 on the silicone sealant for around 10 minutes grab a plastic scraper and it will come off easily.

Keep applying the WD-40 and scraping away. It’s a very simple process that’s cheap and most households in the UK have WD-40 in the shed or garage.

WD 40 For Silicone Removal
WD 40 For Silicone Removal

You can purchase silicone removers that cost about £10 but they do not work as good when compared to WD-40.

The oil will break down the silicone making it easier to remove from any surface around the house.

I have been using this trick for many years and have had success every time.

Warning When Removing Silicone

Be sure to “ONLY” use a plastic scraper, if you use a metal scraper you will mark the tiles or worksurfaces when scraping.

I have seen many worktops, bathtubs and enamel tiles ruined by people using metal scrapers.

Yes, it might remove it a bit quicker but the results are not favourable.

  • Do not use a metal or sharp object to remove silicone
  • Apply/spray WD-40 for 10 minutes before scraping
  • Only use a plastic scraper or silicone remover tool

You also have to remove all the silicone because when you run a new bead of silicone sealant you will notice the old silicone especially if it is off-colour, damp or black.

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