Best Wood Filler For Wooden Furniture And Home Accessories

A good wood filler will make all the difference to your damaged wooden furniture and wooden accessories around the home.

Wood Filler Examples
Wood Filler Examples

But, finding the best wood filler for the right job among so many brands will take a lot of experimenting.

So, I have listed the best wood filler/s that set diamond-hard looks good and can be screwed and painted over if needed!

To get that perfect finish you “MUST” use a well-known solid product that produces great results.

Especially if your repairing furniture because inferior wood fillers will fall out and will look like you have used gum for filler.

What Can You Use Wood Filler For?

Specific wood fillers are designed for certain jobs, some are rock solid for fixings and some are more cosmetic when you want to match a colour.

  • Bench joints, broken hinges & handles
  • Cosmetic fillers for scratches and gouges
  • Pours, grains and woodworm
  • Nailheads, screws & fixings
  • Skirting board joins
  • Door linings and architraves

The Types Of Wood Fillers

There are currently two types of wood fillers:

  • Water-Based Wooden Fillers – A water-based filler does not set super-hard because it is designed for cosmetic solutions
  • Oil Based Fillers – These types of wood fillers are used for rock-solid fixings. Oil-based wood fillers are the more popular and longer-lasting types of fillers because they last the test of time

Best Wood Filler Brands

All wood fillers featured in this guide sets fast, no shrinkage or cracks and can be sanded and painted over.

Wood filler comes ready mixed so you only need to use enough for the DIY job at hand.

A small putty knife or small scraper works great for filling gaps, holes and scuffs.

#1 Roxil Wood Filler

Roxil Wood Filler
Roxil Wood Filler

The Roxil wood filler comes in a two-part solution, You simply mix in the activator when you have prepared your surface for filling.

It’s the best all-round wood filler that can be varnished, painted, sanded and screwed through.

“I use Roxil for all my joint and surface wood filling because it works every time and does not crack or shrink like so many other wood filler brands.”

Roxil Wood Filler Details

  • Fixings, Cosmetics and large holes
  • Colours: white & natural
  • Method: 2-part activator
  • Painting and varnish
  • Screws and fixings
  • Internal & external
  • Pricing: £11-15

#2 Polyfilla For Wood

Polyfilla Wood Filler
Polyfilla Wood Filler

Second in our list of best wood fillers is Polyfilla, which boasts no sagging or cracks once set. This brand is designed to fill gaps, joints and excellent at repairing chipboard and MDF such as kitchen cupboards, furniture hinges and fixings.

This white wood filler can be sanded, planed and shaped so once it has been painted you will never know it has been filled.

If you are going to varnish over the Polyfilla, then it might need a few layers of varnish for it to match your furniture.

If you are looking to match a specific type of wood or a more cosmetic fix then we would advise you to go with Roxil because it is more of a specialised wood filler.

Polyfilla For Wood Details

  • For fixings and large holes
  • Colours: white
  • Method: ready-made
  • Painting and varnish
  • Screws and fixings
  • Internal & external
  • Pricing: £8-11

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Preparing Your Wood For Filling

When you have chosen the best wood filler for your DIY job, we suggest you thoroughly prepare your wooden surface for filling.

This helps your filler stay in place and looks great:

  • Degrease the area you want to fill
  • Lightly sand the surface
  • Remove any loose dust
  • Apply the filler with a putty knife or scraper
  • Make sure the filler is flush with the face of your wood
  • Once dry lightly sand until the surface is super flush

Caution When Using Wood Fillers

Wood filler can damage your health due to the fumes that emit from it before drying.

So be smart and wear your protective equipment such as goggles, masks & gloves.


At this point, you should have a nice flush area that can be screwed, painted or varnished to complete the job.

If you have chosen the right product and followed this guide then you should not see the filler or feel it when you run your fingertips over the surface.

Happy Filling 😉

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