Gloss Paint vs. Satinwood Paint – Comparison & Differences

Both satinwood and gloss paints are finishing coats that protect the many wooden accessories around the home. The difference between the two is gloss provides a high sheen and satinwood produces a more matt finish.

Satinwood or Gloss Paint, You Decide?
Satinwood or Gloss Paint, You Decide?

Both paints are brilliantly white, plus many various colours depending on the brand you use. You can use both gloss and satinwood on:

  • Skirting boards, dado rails and picture rails
  • Spindles, newel posts and handrails
  • Doors, frames/skins and architrave
  • Kitchen cupboards and accessories

Gloss Paint – Effects

Gloss paint has been a favourite for many in the UK, I use it all over the house because it holds well on high traffic areas and looks great.

You can get different sheens and colours, with trade gloss offering the best coverage revealed here.

  • High and low sheen
  • Shiney glassy finish
  • Good for high traffic areas
  • Harder to paint than satinwood
  • Protects wood accessories
  • Can be wiped down

Satinwood Paint – Effects

Satinwood provides you with a duller finish that is not as shiny as gloss.

If you use the right brand, Satinwood will present you with a deeper colour when compared to gloss.

Satinwood does smell less when initially painted but will not last as long before you have to sand down and repaint especially in high traffic areas.

  • Low sheen finish
  • Not great for high traffic areas
  • Can become grubby in high traffic areas
  • Would not recommend wiping down too much
  • Easy to paint with fewer runs
  • Fewer vapours are released when drying
  • Less smell and mess or beginners!

Conclusion – Gloss vs Satinwood Paints

Gloss paint is superior because it’s harder to wear and lasts longer than satinwood.

If you go for the satinwood option then you will need to touch this paint up within the year.

Satinwood is better for people who find the smell of gloss unpleasant and it looks better against darker colours because it dries with a matt finish so would suit a modern style household.

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