What Is The Maximum Fence Height For UK Front Gardens?

Uk boundary law is very clear on the fence height for front gardens. If your front garden is next to a footpath or public road then it’s limited to 1 metre.

Front Garden Fence Height
Front Garden Fence Height

If you want to have a higher fence or wall around your front garden then you will need to require planning permission. For anywhere else, the height is 6 feet or 2-meters.

  • 1-metre height for front gardens
  • Planning permission is needed to build higher

If you want a higher boundary then we suggest you plant some privet and shape it into a fence. There is no law to stop you from planting a higher boundary, just make sure they do not get out of control. Other options would be conifers or other tall and bushy shrubs or plants.


Planning Permission For A Higher Front Garden Fence

If planting bushes is not for you then you will need to gain planning permission from the county council. For a higher fence in the front garden to be above 1 metre then you will need to submit an application.

The application will be sent to your neighbours and generally posted on lampposts for anyone affected to see. If a neighbour disputes the planning application then it will likely be denied and you will have to stick with the smaller fence.

2 thoughts on “What Is The Maximum Fence Height For UK Front Gardens?”

  1. Hi I live up an unadopted road, I have a standing gravel area outside the front of my property which I would like to fence off. As it’s a private road owned by the occupants up the road, is there a height restriction for a fence? People drive across/turn around/park on my gravel without permission which is another reason for wanting it fenced. Thanks

    • Hey Angie,

      Yes, you can fence it off at 1 metre, I would double-check with your local council just in case. Maybe also check out your neighbours in the area to see if they have erected a fence.

      Hope this helps


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