Best Paints for Kitchen Walls in 2021

A kitchen paint must sustain a lot of traffic, grease and condensation so you will want to use a hardwearing paint that can be wiped. A matt paint will not last long on a kitchen wall because once you try cleaning the wall the matt paint rubs away.

Kitchen wall paint - Examples
Kitchen wall paint – Examples

Using paint that you can clean with a cloth will keep your kitchen looking fresh and tidy. Silk paints naturally dry with a sheen so it can be lightly wiped to remove any marks from cooking and traffic.

Although some matt brands have created a kitchen paint that can be wiped without rubbing or ruining your paint job.

Painting your kitchen is an easy and cheaper way to revamp the look and feel of your kitchen. If you select the right brand that offers quality then your kitchen walls will look the part and stay that way for many years.

The Best Kitchen Paints Features

When it comes to selecting your kitchen paint you need to keep in mind that the paint will need to withstand a lot of scrubbing and traffic.

  1. Withstand high traffic
  2. Can be gently wiped clean
  3. Quick-drying and flexible
  4. Neutral and brighter colours

The Best Kitchen Paints For Walls

Types Of Kitchen Paints
Types Of Kitchen Paints

In this section, I will be listing the best kitchen paints I have been using for many years. They provide you with a great finish that lasts the test of time.

Offering a wide variety of colours and finishing textures for that perfect kitchen revamp.

  • Suitable for kitchen environments
  • Stain and grease resistant formula
  • Wide variety of colours from neutral to bold
  • Various finishes from a high sheen to matt

Dulux Easy Care Kitchen

Dulux Easy Care Kitchen Paint
Dulux Easy Care Kitchen Paint

For once Dulux has come up with a decent paint that is specifically designed for kitchen walls. It is also a matt/dull finish that can be wiped due to stains, condensation and high traffic.

This paint is especially useful if you want a matt finish that can be wiped to keep your kitchen walls in great condition!


  • Brand: Dulux Easy Care Kitchen
  • Finish: Wipeable matt finish
  • Colours: various
  • Price £22 – 30 @2.5L

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Johnstone’s Wall & Ceilings

Johnstones Wall and Ceiling Paint
Johnstones Wall and Ceiling Paint

Johnstones are by far the best “silk” paint brand for kitchen walls because the quality and variety of colours are high.

Their formula is quick-drying so no bad smells for days on end. With over 40 different light and dark colours to choose from.


  • Brand: Johnstone’s wall and ceilings
  • Finish: Wipeable silk finish
  • Colours: 40+ colours available
  • Price £13 – 16 @2.5L

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Johnstone’s Kitchen Matt


Another paint line from the Johnstone’s brand is their matt paint specifically created to be used on kitchen walls.

Generally, matt paint should not be used in the kitchen area because it cannot be cleaned.

What Dulux and Johnstone’s paints have done is create a solid matt finish that can be wiped without it coming off when a wet cloth is used.


  • Brand: Johnstone’s Kitchen
  • Finish: Wipeable matt finish
  • Colours: 20+ colours available
  • Price £17 – 21 @2.5L

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Preparing Your Kitchen Walls for Painting

Before painting your walls we would advise you to make sure you sand and clean the previous paint away. If the paint used on your kitchen walls is silk then it will need a key so your fresh paint job will dry on the walls.

If you just roll out your new paint on the old silk/matt emulsion, then you will find it cracks and peels away. This is because there will be a layer of grease between your old and new paint layers.

We would advise you to remove as much paint as possible or use a degreaser (sugar soap) and sandpaper to get the correct base/key in preparation for the new coat of paint.

  • Key your walls with sandpaper and sugar soap
  • Make sure you have removed as much old paint as possible
  • Repair any holes in the walls with an internal filler

Painting Your Kitchen Walls

Before painting your kitchen walls you will need a good paintbrush to cut-in the ceiling and skirting boards.

Use your brush to get a good line between the white ceiling and skirting boards, make sure your brush runs onto the wall about 2″ so when you come to roll out the kitchen you will not splatter the ceiling or skirting boards.

If you are not painting the skirting boards then use some tape and plastic sheeting to cover the skirting boards and dust sheets for the floor because you will discover paint spots when finished.

When it comes to rolling out your kitchen walls go up and down so you make sure you cover the area and spread the paint evenly.

  1. Use a brush to cut-in the edges
  2. Bring the paint onto the wall about 2″
  3. When using the roller go up and down

Conclusion – Kitchen Wall Paints

Painting your kitchen is a great idea to revamp this popular area.

Yes, you can paint the cupboard doors but painting the walls will make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen and dining area.

Happy Painting 😉

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