What Is Treated Timber?

Treated timber is ready to be used outside because it has been chemically treated to last longer in the garden.

Types of pressurised treated timbers
Types of pressurised treated timbers

This means that a chemical solution is absorbed by the wood using a high pressurised tank.

Putting wood inside a vacuum tank will make it absorbs more chemicals that will protect it against frost, fungi, woodworm and moisture retention.

What is Treated Timber Good For?

Once treated the timber is ready to be used for decking, structural frames, fencing, posts and trellis projects.

Treated timber will not rot or grow fungi which makes it longer lasting when in an outside environment.

  • Protects against moisture retention
  • Does not rot or absorb moisture in the air
  • Extends the life of your timber
  • Helps prevent fungi and algae growth
  • Keeps your structures strong and stable
  • Stops woodworm from taking hold

TOP TIP: You should still oil and stain your treated timber because the more treatment your timber frames and structures hold the longer they will last.

Treated Timber – FAQ’S

Do I have to use treated timber?

No, you can use normal timber but you will have to treat the timber yourself or you are just going to be replacing it in a few years because it will rot and become unstable! We always advise our readers to use treated timber especially for structures such as decking, rails, sheds and trellis.

Should I still Stain My Treated Timber?

Yes, the more stain the better and longer your timber will last. Keeping on top of your decking projects, wooden garages and decking boards is the key to long-lasting DIY projects and value for money.

How long does treated timber last?

This all depends on the environment and elements of being outside. If your timber is in the ground then its lifespan will be severely reduced. If you keep treating your timber then it will last 10,20,30 years.

What is the best decking stain?

A decking stain must be water-proof and soak deep into your decking boards. Another important point is to treat your decking frames also. Here are the best decking oils that are chosen by our experts.


If you are going to start building wooden structures in your garden then you must always use treated timber.

Yes, it costs more when compared to standard timber but the benefits are long-lasting and will exceed expectations.

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