What Size Air Fryer Do I Need?

What Size Air Fryer Do I Need

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While buying an air fryer, the biggest quest is to select the right size. To reap the rewards that an air fryer has to offer, selecting the right size is very important because it will impact cooking time, capacity, and quality as well.

Generally, you can find an air fryer in as low size as 2-quartz and it can go up to 20-quartz as well. The larger ones don’t just come expensive but they have high utility cost as well.

Therefore, given your everyday needs from an air fryer, one should thoughtfully pick the right size.

How are Air Fryer Sized?

Air fryers are designed to capacitate different amount of foods in a single cooking cycle. The information is mostly available in three measuring units such as quartz, pounds, and liters.

Surely, the sizes tell about the capacity of an air fryer, but these cannot be absolute. It depends on the size of food item and if it will fit in the compartment or not.

For example, food like a steak, chicken legs, and wings are more space consuming then fries of finely-diced vegetables. Therefore, any air fryer will be able to make more of small snacks than bigger food items and the number of consumers will also differ.

For instance, a 2.2-quartz of an air fryer will be able to accommodate 1.8-pounds of food. Therefore, you should have it in mind that the size you pick will be able to serve more of small snacks than the larger ones.

Air Fryer Size Guide

Air Fryer Size Guide

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The sizes of air fryers fall under three size categories and everything is covered in between.

1. Small Size Air Fryers

An air fryer that sizes between 1 – 2-quartz falls under the category of small fryers. These fryers are meant of a single person usage as such machines are able to cook maximum 2 chicken breasts at a time.

If you are making a platter then this one will be able to serve 2-chicken breasts, a couple of potatoes and fries. However, if you are making snacks then this one will be able to serve 2 people as well.

In the same category, you can find a bit of upper range between 2 – 3-quartz that can cook up to 6 chicken wings. If you are searching for an air fryer for 2 then go with 2-quartz capacity.

3-quartz should be preferred by the couples that frequently uses the machine for making food and need to cook a bit extra for later consumption.

So, here’s a quick chart to explain things in nutshell:

1 – 2 Quartz: For a single person to make small snacks and 2 chicken breasts at the most.

2 – 3 Quartz: For a couple who like to cook a little extra food for later usage.

2. Medium Size Air Fryers

So, the next size scale falls between 3 – 5-quartz that are suitable for medium-sized families. At the lower range of the medium size of 3-quartz, you won’t be able to cook a whole chicken. However, if you cut it down in smaller pieces in the basket then it will be able to serve a family of 4. Also, it will be able to make enough chicken breasts for 2 people.

Since the fries are little-sized snack and do not demand more space in the fryer, you will be able to serve 3 – 4 people at a time.

When the size bar increases and goes towards the upper size of 5-quartz, you will be able to cook 4 – 5 chicken breasts and serve up to 7 people. In nutshell:

3 – 4 Quartz: This size will be able to serve a family of 4. Also, it will give you scope to experiment with semi-large food items like chicken breasts for 2.

5-Quartz: This size gives you enough room to prepare food for a family of 7 people. However, the same rule applies that with bigger food items, you won’t be able to make for more than 5 people at one time.

3. Large Size Air Fryers

The large air fryers are mostly available in sizes from 6-quartz to 16-quartz. Such machines have the tendency to make bountiful snacks for a party. The bigger sizes are very versatile and the extra space helps in experimenting different kind of snacks.

6 – 10 Quartz: The 6-quartz capacity is great for 8 – 12 people and can make larger items as well like turkey, chicken, and pizzas. Due to the spacious chamber, it is also good for baked items. If you use trays, it will also be able to dehydrate food.

16 Quartz: Needless to say, this size is very large and help in catering large family gathers, and backyard festivities, etc. You can use it to prefer feast for more than 20 people.

Frequently Asked Question

Air Fryer

1. How much can I cook in a 6-quartz air fryer?

The quantity of 6-quartz is quite enough to roast an entire chicken, a full pizza, and pounds of finger food. The quantity is suitable for 8 – 12 people.

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2. How much do I need to spend to get a good air fryer?

Price of an air fryer will largely depend on the features as well as capacity. An air fryer between $150 – $200 is extremely suitable for purchase because fryers in this range comes with all the essential features and between 5 – 10-quartz sizes.

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3. What size air fryer do I need for a small kitchen?

Well, kitchens with limited counterspace cannot go with large air fryers. The ideal size is not more than 3-quartz. Such air fryers are quick to use and does not consume a lot of counter space either. Moreover, you can put it inside a cabinet or drawer when not in use.

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4. What size air fryer do I need for a single individual?

For one person, a small air fryer in 2-quartz quantity will do good justice. You will be able to make enough French fries or other finger food and up to 2 chicken breasts.

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5.What size air fryer will cook a whole chicken?

Ideally, an 8-quartz air fryer is the best size to cook a whole chicken. This size is very versatile and will be able to cook a variety of items like pizzas, casseroles, baking goods, etc.

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Air fryers are considered as a time-saving machine for cooking. They are best used to make oil-free food. Here is all you can find in the size segment of these machines. Make sure to select a right one considering your food preferences and number of members.