What To Do About Intimidating Or Aggressive Neighbours?

Boundary disputes, planning permission and other neighbour disputes can cause neighbours to argue and disagree with each other.

Dealing with intimidation and aggressive neighbours
Dealing with intimidation and aggressive neighbours

If your neighbour has become intimidating for whatever reason then you should avoid conversation.

If you feel your neighbours have become intimidating then you need to use the services available.

If your neighbour dispute is for a specific reason then try and sort that problem.

  • Avoid arguing
  • Talk calmly
  • Use a third-party service

Using a mediation service will be your best option, do not approach your neighbour if they are unreasonable and not interested in your concerns!

A solicitor can provide and refer you to a mediation service.

Dealing With Aggressive Neighbours

If your neighbour has become aggressive because you have not backed down or disagree over a dispute, call the police.

There is no tolerance for aggressive neighbours and they need to know you are prepared to contact the police if their actions get out of hand.

  • Contact the police
  • Go back into your house
  • Avoid arguing in the street
  • Take a video if you can safely

Third-Party Dispute Services

Solicitor, mediations services and the county council can help with neighbour disputes and intimidating neighbours.

They have experience with dealing and resolving neighbour disputes in the UK.

Solicitors will resolve issues and contact both neighbours on an independent basis.

They will advise both neighbours on the law surrounding their dispute and get you ready for a court case if your neighbour is too stubborn or unreasonable to agree.

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