Where Can I Get Rid Of My Old Paint?

Paint pots with paint in can accumulate over time especially if you like to decorate and DIY.

Recycle Your Old Paint!
Recycle Your Old Paint!

The easiest way to recycle paint and their tubs are to take them to your local waste disposal plant.

They will have a designated area to leave old paint, they will then be re-used and recycled.

Use Paint Pot Disposal!

Pouring paint down the sink is “NOT” a good idea because if it mixes with water it will become hard and brittle then set in your pipes.

Once paint sets it can be extremely hard to remove because it will become solid.

So always recycle your old paint pots at the local waste disposal centre.

  1. Designated hazardous material drop-off
  2. Local tip or waste disposal centre
  3. Dry your paint out and leave for general waste
  4. Give your paint away for another DIY project
  5. Upcycle to a friend, neighbour or family member

Giving your leftover paint to a neighbour, friend or family member is the best way to recycle paint.

Once the paint pot is empty you can dispose of the “EMPTY” paint pot in your general waste or recycling.


Make sure you check with your local council if their recycling project accepts empty paint pots!

Do not throw paint away or pour it out in the garden because is toxic and will harm the environment.

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