Where Can I Buy Railway Sleepers For My Landscaping Garden Project?

Railway sleepers can be used for a wide variety of building projects in your garden. A favourite of ours is boundaries and steps, but getting hold of railway sleepers can be a daunting task.

Railway Sleepers
Railway Sleepers

In this question on where to buy sleepers from, we will be revealing some sources we use when purchasing railway sleepers for your garden.

What Are Railway Sleepers?

Railway sleepers are what keeps the rail from splitting, they are essential when it comes to train rails but are becoming obsolete due to concrete sleepers.

Railway sleepers are becoming less and less available because the railway lines are being upgraded at a higher rate.

Plus landscapers are using them more often because of gardening trends.

If you do not know what to use railway sleepers for then here is a list of popular uses for them;

  1. Boundaries
  2. Steps
  3. Planters
  4. landscaping accessories

Because railway sleepers are made from hardwood, they last a long time and improve the feel of your garden. But the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Where To Buy Railway Sleepers?

We live in the south of England, so there are many reclamation yards ditted around that sell railway sleepers at around £20/30 each.

Another option is eBay or Amazon, but delivery will be expensive because they are cumbersome.

If you are local to an eBay seller, you could arrange to collect the items in person. 

We have always used reclaim options because you know you are buying real hardwood sleepers.

With the increased market in sleepers, you will notice many sellers are pushing large logs, claiming them to be sleepers and charging a fortune.

So be sure you use a well-known seller before parting with any money.

  1. Browse eBay for a local seller
  2. Visit reclamation yards
  3. Enquire in your local builder’s merchant


All-in-all railway sleepers can be hard to acquire if your remote and travel may be required.

If you have your heart set on that railway sleeper look in your garden, then travel and lifting may be your only option when it comes to buying railway sleepers.

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