Best Paint For Radiator and Water Copper Pipes in 2021

Painting Copper Pipes Around The Home
Painting Copper Pipes Around The Home

Central heating and copper pipes can be an eye-sore if not correctly painted with the correct paint.

Because these pipes become hot normal emulsion paint will only flake away after time. So, you need to use heat resistant paint to avoid cracks or flaking paint.

  • Heat resistant
  • Covers first time
  • Hard enamel paint

Best Paint For Radiator and Water Copper Pipes

Hammerite Radiator Paint

The perfect paint for this is Hammerite radiator paint, it is heat resistant and will not flake or peel away.

It is specifically designed to handle the heat and stay rock hard for many years.

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How To Paint Copper Pipes

Painting copper pipes is an easy task that requires a small amount of prepping before you can start painting.

You must always clean the pipes and use some wire wool to rough the surface so the paint will have a rough surface/key to adhere to when dry.

  • Cover the floor against drips
  • Clean/degrease the copper pipes
  • Use wire wool and gently rough the surface
  • Apply your heat resistant paint with a brush
  • Brush length ways no side to side

Conclusion – Copper Pipes

Radiator and other copper pipes around the home are generally overlooked or just painted using emulsion.

Overtime this paint will become cracked and start peeling away due to heat. You can undercoat and gloss these pipes but they will give off a gloss paint smell for a few weeks.

Make sure to undercoat and apply the gloss in the summer months to give it time to dry.

Happy Painting 😉

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