Which Side Of The Garden Fence Faces Me?

There are two sides to every fence panel, you have the neat side and the rough side. If it’s your fence and you have bought and paid for the fitting then you should rightly have the better side facing your garden.

Double sided fence panels
Double sided fence panels

If your neighbours have been complaining about getting the bad side of the fence then they should either build their own or pay for the current fence panels going up.

We have received this question about fence panels, with many neighbours falling out about this option.

Both Neighbours Can Have A Good Side

Yes, if you are using wooden posts and fence panels then there is no reason why both neighbours cannot have a good side.

You can easily fit two fence panels on one post. So, both neighbours can have a fence panel dacing their gardens on the same post.

Yes, it will cost twice as much!

But if a neighbour is so determined to have the better side of the fence panel then purchasing their own would make sense so their fence panels match all-around their gardens.

Neighbour Disputes - Law and Practises
Neighbour Disputes – Law and Practises

Talk To The Neighbours

If you have come here looking for a solution to “which side of the fence should face me?” Then you have your answer, whoever paid for the fence.

  • Whoever paid for the fence gets the best side
  • Screw two fence panels on the same post back to back
  • Use doublesided fence panels
  • Costs will go up and the neighbours should pay up


If your neighbour also wants the best more appealing side of the fence panel then buy their own and fix them on the same post!

It will cost extra but will make both side happy with the outcome.

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