Why Does My Hot Tub Keep Beeping And Cutting Out E02 Warning?

If you are experiencing this issue then there might be a few reasons for your hot tub to keep cutting out and keep beeping/alarm.

Hot tub Housing Issues
Hot tub Housing Issues

This is more relevant for Lay-Z-Spa hots tubs although other brands do have this fault function.

The pump housing displays an E02 warning which will cut off the pump and heating system, or the housing just cuts out altogether.

How To Stop My Hot Tub Keep Beeping And Cutting Out E02 Warning

TOP TIP: Reset the device after you try each common issues below for E02!

1) Replace The Filter – E02

Have you changed your filter recently?

A dirty filter will block the water from circulating your filter housing and a safety cut off valve will kick in to avoid breaking the pump displaying warning E02.

This is one of the main causes of the alarm being set off.

  1. Unscrew the filter and inspect it for hair, grime and dirt
  2. Clean the filter and replace with a fresh one if available
  3. Check the rubber flaps that suck in the water

2) Check Your Filter/Heater Is Sitting Straight

Second, on the list of issues is a simple one, check your filter housing is on even ground.

If your filter is sitting on uneven ground then this must be rectified because water will not get released correctly and the alarm will sound and the filter and heater will stop.

  1. Check your filter/heater is sitting straight
  2. You must move your hot tub correct the ground it is sitting on
  3. Water will not cycle correctly around the filter if uneven

3) Check The Inlet/Outlet Valves

The inlet valve that sucks the water from the hot tub to the filter and heater might be blocked.

Unscrew it and inspect it for leaves, dirt, grime and hair, this is a very easy solution.

Another problem might be the exit valve, this is where the warm and filtered water comes into the hot tub.

It tends to be the top valve but might vary depending on the type of hot tub.

  1. Check both inlet and outlet valves for blockages
  2. Unscrew both valves and check for hair and grime

If you have followed the common issues above and you are still experiencing alarm bells then we suggest you undo all hoses and nozzles to free the external control unit.

Turn it upside down and give it a careful shake to see if you can free up anything that is stuck inside. There might be a buildup of hair, grime or limescale.

This might just free it from the pipe and be expelled when the device is switched back on.

4) Back Wash The Housing Unit

Unscrew all pipes so you just have the control unit, grab a hosepipe and spray the water in the top outlet valve.

Leave this for a few minutes on full power, this might just unlodge any grime, hair or limescale.

5) Contact Your Manufacturer

Once you have tried all the known issues above then it might be time to contact the manufacturer.

You should have an automatic 2 -year warranty on your hot tub automatically. So, find the box or receipts and explain to the company what has happened.

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