Why is my masonry paint peeling and cracking?

Masonry paints are water-based so there is a high volume of water. When you paint a render, stone or brick wall and you have not sealed the wall then the dry masonry wall will suck the moisture from your paint.

Peeling Masonry Paint Job
Peeling Masonry Paint Job

When your masonry paint starts to dry the walls sucks the moisture making your paint hard and brittle. The paint will start to peel off and crack.

This can be disastrous and you will have to scrape all the paint off the wall before you start painting again.

The Solution To Peeling Masonry Paint

Peeling masonry paint is a beginner DIY mistake. But, there is a simple and cheap solution we use every time we paint a masonry wall or floor.

  1. Grab a bucket
  2. Add one litre of water
  3. 1/2 a litre of PVA glue
  4. 50/50 PVA and Water

Make sure you give this solution a good mix, grab a big brush and use this to seal the wall. Make sure you cover the whole wall because any missed spots will result in your masonry paint failing.

Once the PVA and water mix is dry you can start painting again.

All this solution does is seal the wall and stops your paint from losing its water content before the paint gets a chance to air dry.

When you initially paint this solution onto your wall it will be white.

But, after an hour or two, the PVA solution will dry clear and you will be ready to paint the wall your desired colour.

Many masonry sealers are making the rounds but the best option is the PVA and water solution because it works every time and never fails.

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