Why Is My Smoke Alarm Beeping?

Smoke alarms are the most important part of any households fire safety measures. When your fire alarm starts beeping you “MUST” change the batteries.

Beeping Smoke Detector Advice
Beeping Smoke Detector Advice

Although, by law, fire alarms and smoke detectors should be wired into the electrical mains.

So, a smoke detector has two power supplies battery and an electrical supply in case the batteries are not changed.

Electrical Supply – A Must

Even if your smoke alarms are hard-wired into the ring main if the battery is low then it will start beeping!

Another reason an alarm might start beeping is after it has been set off by cooking etc.

TOP TIP: once you have changed the battery check the smoke alarm function with a paper wick so you can rest easy knowing that it works as should.

It can beep for 10-20 minutes after being reset, apart from these two examples if your smoke alarm is still beeping for no apparent reasons then it should be replaced ASAP.

Replacing Your Fire Alarms

Some fire alarms are single-use so when the battery has depleted it cannot be changed and is only fit for the bin!

For homeowners and landlords who are serious about their safety do not buy single-use smoke alarms.

This is because they can stop working and NOT have the backup of the household electrical system!

It always pays to replace and double-check you have two supplies to keep you and your family safe.

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