Windchimes – A Neighbours Worst Nightmare!

If you live in a terraced property you can literally hear every word your neighbour is speaking when they are in their garden, so why would a neighbour hang wind chimes for all to hear? This is the question we received a few days ago, so we are going to explain the rules and ways to resolve an issue with “noise pollution” by windchimes.

Windchimes And Noise Pollution!
Windchimes And Noise Pollution!

Rules Surrounding Windchimes

Basically, if you can hear the windchimes from your property then you are well within your rights to contact the council. The council will send a listening device out to your property and record it for a successful prosecution in court. If the noise levels are over a certain decimal then you will have a case against your neighbour because it’s classed as noise pollution!

  • Most cases will never go to court and your local anti-social behaviour officer will resolve the issue!

Documented Windchime Court Case

Over the years we have heard many horror stories with neighbours and their reluctance to remove windchimes even after a neighbour has politely asked them to be removed. There was a case around ten years ago, which resulted in the local council official threatening court and a £5000 fine if they were not removed immediately.

Speak To Your Neighbours

We would not recommend our readers to go straight down your local council but should approach the neighbour in a friendly manner. If you are not a confrontational person then maybe explain it in jest. Try joking that someone around here has windchimes and it sounds nice but can be annoying when relaxing and enjoying your garden space. Or take the confrontational approach and call them out on it straight away. We are all different and 99% of the time your neighbour will say sorry and take the windchimes down!

  • Approach your neighbour in a friendly way
  • Maybe laugh and add some jest into your conversation
  • Most neighbours will take it down and say sorry
  • If your neighbours are not approachable then contact the council


If you feel there is no way to resolve the issue with your neighbour then contact the local council and ask them to investigate the noise pollution by windchimes! In the end, if you feel they are a nuisance and want to make a complaint about the windchimes you have every right to do so!

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